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Stem Cell Therapy Achilles injections in Gilbert, AZ

Achilles tendinitis is a relatively common condition that involves pain and inflammation of the tendon that connects the calf muscles to the back of the foot.  Patients usually experience pain or discomfort in the heel region of their foot where the Achilles tendon comes down from the calf and attaches to the upper aspect of the calcaneus bone.  This condition is seen in athletes, weekend warriors, runners, and people working on their feet a lot.


  • Pain in the heel of the foot
  • Pain worse in the morning and with movement
  • Swelling in the lower calf and heel of foot
  • Stiffness in heel and calf muscles


  • Overuse
  • Intense Athletic Training
  • Poor Gait
  • Bone Spur


Stem Cell Therapy Achilles Tendinitis and Tear Relief in Gilbert, AZ

The diagnosis is straightforward and is often made in primary care and family medicine clinics.  The doctor will be able to obtain relevant diagnostic information through case history and physical exam of the calf muscles and heel bone.  Sometimes additional imaging will be ordered if the doctor believes a tear of the tendon or a bone spur are present. Appropriate diagnostic imaging includes x-ray, ultrasound, and the gold standard MRI for the most detailed imaging.   

Conventional Treatments

Conservative care such as resting, heat and ice, and over the counter medications such as NSAIDs are usually recommended as a starting treatment.  If the pain continues, stronger prescription pain medications may be considered. If there is no improvement in the course of 6 months, surgery will be considered.  There are a couple of surgical options available. The first is an elongation of the calf muscle, Gastrocnemius recession, which alleviates pressure and tension on the tendon to reduce pain.  The second option, is a Debridement surgery. There are a couple of ways of doing this, but essentially the damaged part of the tendon is removed or removed and replaced by another tendon.  Surgery usually provides good pain relief with extended recovery for up to 12 months. Some athletes and runners are not able to return to sport if the damage was extensive.

Stem Cell Signaling Achilles Tendinitis Relief

Naturopathic Stem Cell Therapy Achilles Relief in Gilbert, AZ

Stem cell signaling allografts mixed with PRP are a great non-surgical alternative to conventional care, especially for tendinopathies.  Stem cell signaling allograft treatments fall under the category of regenerative injection therapy, with the main objective to heal the damaged and injured tendon.  We achieve this through injecting a regenerative allograft combined with activated PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) into the damaged, injured or torn tendon. This is usually at the attachment site on the upper aspect of the heel bone.  The Achilles tendon is then flooded with healing growth factors, cells, and begins to signal and recruit other cells into the area. This approach allows the body to heal naturally without needing medications or surgery.

Regenerative Injection Benefits

  • Pain Relief
  • Repair and Healing of Damaged Tissue
  • Natural
  • Quick Recovery Time
  • Non-Surgical / Non-Invasive


Stem cell signaling Achilles tendinitis relief treatments are on the forefront of regenerative orthopedics, which is revolutionizing modern medicine.  Patients have more options today than ever before for Achilles tendon pain and no longer are confined to medications or surgery for relief. Regenerative injection therapies such as allografts, ECM, and PRP, allow the patients tendon to heal naturally in a highly effective manner.  This is particularly attractive for athletes and runners who are wanting to return to competition as fast as possible. For more information about regenerative injection therapy, platelet rich plasma, or natural pain relief, please call or email Atlas Health Medical Group in Gilbert, AZ.

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