PRP for Hair Loss


PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Regenerative Injection Therapy PRP is an exciting new treatment for the approximate 50 million American men and 30 million women that have male/female pattern baldness. As PRP contains essential proteins and growth factors, when injected in the scalp, it stimulates natural hair growth, and can restore fullness to thinning areas. After blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge, it is injected into the areas of thinning hair to strengthen and stimulate the hair follicles.

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Regenerative, Therapeutic, Non Surgical ​ Regenerative Injection Therapy provides SOLUTIONS for:

  • Men/Women with Thinning Hair or Hair Loss
  • Androgenic Hair Loss
  • Alopecia Areata


  • Stimulates Natural Hair Growth
  • Thickens and Restores Existing Hair
  • Non Surgical
  • Non Invasive
  • Quick recovery period
  • Counteracts baldness and further hair loss
  • Affordable
  • Procedure is completed within approximately 30 minutes
  • Extremely natural looking results

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