What Are The Pros And Cons Of Microneedling With PRP?


Many acne-scarring patients swear by microneedling's power to transform their looks for the better. The Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery conducted a report in 2009 that followed 36 research subjects with differing degrees of scarring over the span of at least three micro needling procedures. Thirty-four of the participants had a significant difference in the look of their scars, with no long-term negative consequences.

Stretch marks can be faded, burn scarring can be reduced, and wrinkles can be lessened using micro needling. Microneedling can be used on someone of any skin tone and the possibility of pigmentation problems during the treatment is low—depending on how deep the micro needling is done. Microneedling may be performed on the surface or in the depths of the skin.

Microneedling with PRP is generally well accepted by the vast majority of citizens. Following the treatment, patients should expect moderate tenderness and redness, which can feel like a sunburn, but this is normally minor and recovers within 3–5 days.

Patients will usually resume much of their regular daily activities shortly after receiving PRP micro needling, but it's necessary to obey the provider's instructions. He or she would most likely advise you not to wear lipstick for a few days after the surgery and to prevent sun radiation, among other items.

While research on its efficacy in facial rejuvenation is inconclusive, the risks of combining PRP with microneedling seem to be minimal, aside from the expense.


  • PRP is made up of your own blood, meaning there's little to no risk of infection or cross-contamination.
  • This treatment has a short recovery period. If you like, you can return to your normal activities the next day.
  • The use of PRP in conjunction with conventional micro needling treatments may help to strengthen facial scars, but the evidence is still inconclusive.
  • Increased collagen production. Collagen levels naturally decrease as people become older.
  • Reduced the number of time people needed to rest after the treatment compared to traditional Microneedling.


  • The most frequent side effects are bruises and inflammation, which include swelling and redness. They usually emerge right after the surgery and disappear in four to six days. 
  • Microneedling makes tiny gaps in the skin's surface. In rare cases, this may induce an infection by introducing bacteria into the skin.
  • Minimize your exposure to sunlight. 
  • It's important that you don't pick or rub your face after and while undergoing micro needling treatments to avoid infection. According to a study, people tend to touch their faces an average of 16 times an hour.
  • Exfoliants and alcohol-based beverages should be avoided.
  • Strenuous workouts that can induce unnecessary sweating and heat generation should be limited before the skin has properly healed. Sweating can irritate the skin even more, and strenuous exercises can increase the risk of swelling and bruises.
  • Treatments will cost you money and this type of treatment needs to be done every few months for it to be effective. 
  • It's also likely that if you have a history of herpes simplex or cold sores, this treatment will cause an infection.
  • It is not covered by medical insurance. 
  • Persons with chronic illness, those who easily bleed or bruise, those with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and other sensitive skin conditions, people with HIV, and those with blood disorder cannot undergo this treatment. 

The good thing is that PRP is made up of your own blood, meaning there's no risk of infection or cross-contamination.

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