What is a Naturopathic Doctor?


Naturopathic doctors are certified and educated in certified naturopathic colleges. They identify, avoid and treat acute and chronic diseases to restore and enhance your health by promoting the self-healing process. Instead of simply mitigating symptoms, naturopathic doctors are trying to define and personalize treatment plans for the root causes of disease. Identifies the natural order in which all treatments can be used to achieve the greatest gain possible to damage.

  • Eliminate health obstacles. Health, the body's natural condition," is disrupted by challenges leading to illness. The first step towards health reversal is to eradicate health upsetting entities such as: inadequate diet, intestinal irregularities, unsuitable and chronic stress levels, and personal disharmony. Naturologists create a balanced diet focused on the 'damage to the health of a person, to modify and enhance the terrain of the disease. This facilitates the most beneficial outcomes of additional therapies.
  • Encourage the processes of self-healing. NDs employ therapy to enhance the natural healing and curative capacity of the body and improve it. These treatments include clinical nutrition, pharmaceuticals, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture.
  • Weakens strengthening systems. At this stage of recovery, systems requiring repair are treated. Naturopathic physicians have an array of medical items available to strengthen muscles, bodies and structures including the following: lifestyle procedures, dietary changes, botanical medicine, orthomolecular care (use of organic ingredients, including vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and homeopathy, naturally found in the body).
  • Correct structural integrity. In order to enhance and preserve skeletal and musculature integrity, physical techniques such as spinal manipulation, massage therapy and craniosacral therapy are used.
  • Restoring and regenerating natural substances. The main goal of natural medicine is the restoration of health rather than pathology. However, ND's use healthy, efficient natural substances which do not add toxicity or further weigh on the actual distressed body when complex pathology must be addressed.
  • Using Radical Pathology to avoid pharmacological substances. NDs are qualified in pharmacology and if applicable, how to use pharmaceuticals. If their state license requires, even if they do not they can prescribe these agents to a traditional healthcare associate.
  • Using high-power, invasive methods: procedure, radiation, chemotherapy. If life, leg, or function is to be maintained, NDs refer patients to MDs who are qualified in the area. Simultaneously, NDs use complementary or supportive treatments to minimize side effects and improve their efficacy.

While many naturopathic physicians, such as traditional doctors (MDs), have been trained in primary care, some opt for specialization and concentration of practice. Endocrinology, occupational medicine, gastrointestinal therapy, pediatrics, primary care physicists, behavioral health, and oncology specialty associations exist today.

Curricula for naturopathic medical education provide some fields of research not covered in traditional medical school. Around the same time, aspiring naturopathic physicians undergo training as MDs and osteopathic doctors in the same biomedical and diagnostic sciences . (DOs). The consequence is a thorough, systematic, and well-rounded scientific medical education that is equivalent to that of MDs and DOs, as well as complementary.

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