How Expensive Is Prolotherapy?


The cost of Prolotherapy varies depending on the number and locations of your injections. Prolotherapy is typically performed with one injection per week for several weeks, so it's important to talk about how many sessions you may need before getting started.  Prolotherapy is not covered by insurance. The number of sessions required will differ depending on each patient's needs, therefore the outcomes may vary. Prolotherapy has helped countless patients with chronic pain conditions feel better. Below shows what it may cost per treatment for certain areas of the body:

Back Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is an effective treatment for back pain. It's non-invasive and minimally invasive, so it won't harm your spine or nerves. The cost ranges from $400 to $900.

Neck Prolotherapy

Not only does neck pain cause discomfort, but it might also have an effect on your posture, sleep habits, mood, and job performance. Prolotherapy is a treatment for this sort of neck discomfort in which we inject natural substances into your joint tissues to aid healing. The price ranges from $500 to $750.

Knee, Shoulder, Or Hip Prolotherapy 

Prolotherapy is a treatment for chronic pain that involves injections of irritant solutions into the painful area. The goal is to stimulate the growth of new collagen and promote healing in musculoskeletal injuries or disorders. Patients with knee pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain are often good candidates for this form of therapy.  The cost of Prolotherapy ranges from $300 to $600 per treatment session.

Wrist, Ankle, Or Elbow Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a treatment that uses an irritant solution to promote the natural healing of damaged tissues. You may be able to live your life without constant pain by getting your wrist, ankle, or elbow injected with Prolotherapy. The cost ranges from $200 to $500 per session.

Foot, Or Achilles Prolotherapy

The procedure of Achilles Prolotherapy aims to reduce pain in the foot and lower leg. It's a noninvasive option for treating discomfort that doesn't require any downtime. The cost ranges from $100 to $400.

Hand Prolotherapy

One of the most prevalent medical problems is hand pain. If you're having trouble with your hands, there are some treatment choices available to assist you to feel better. Prolotherapy is one option that may be suitable for you. The price ranges from $100 to $300 per session.

Toes, Or Fingers Prolotherapy

It's essential to look after your body and mind since everything may have an impact on you. Prolotherapy can help you if you're having trouble with pain in your toes or fingers. The cost ranges from $250 to $500 per treatment session.

Prolotherapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment for chronic pain. It could be the answer to your back, neck, knee, or hip problems; wrist, ankle, or elbow issues; a foot or heel concerns; and even toes or fingers aches. Prolotherapy can range in price depending on the area being treated. If you're interested, just get in touch. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions that may arise.


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