How Does TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) Affect Men?


TRT has many positive effects on men's health, aside from just increasing their masculine traits. It can increase a man's sense of well-being and libido, as well as increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. At the same time, TRT can protect against several serious conditions such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cataracts and osteoporosis. In short, Testosterone Replacement Therapy benefits more than just sexual health.

Not only is TRT good for your general health it is also beneficial for those who have been diagnosed with diseases such as heart disease or arthritis. This type of treatment will enhance mood function in those with depression and improve overall cognitive functions which will allow you to think more clearly and remember better. It is also very helpful for those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's Disease, Crohn's Disease and Parkinson's.

Men who have been diagnosed with a hormone deficiency or a pituitary gland disorder often go on TRT therapy in order to restore the normal level of testosterone within their bodies. This will help them live a longer and more fulfilling life while still being able to perform sexual activities at their prime ability. In addition, TRT can encourage older men to begin exercising again so that they can build up their strength levels which will lead to an overall improvement in fitness levels.

Quality Aftercare for Testosterone Replacement Therapy Patients

If a man is receiving TRT treatment injections at a clinic or hospital, they will generally be encouraged to continue seeing their healthcare provider for follow up appointments. These visits give patients an opportunity to speak with their endocrinologist if they are having any issues. It's important for men who are receiving this type of treatment to keep an open line of communication with their doctor in order to be sure that the therapy is working as desired.

TRT at Home

Men can also use an at-home method for testosterone replacement therapy, which involves using a medical pellet system. This very small implant is inserted under the skin during minor surgery in order to provide a consistent dosage of hormone each day. There are risks associated with TRT treatments via injections or pellets, including effects on sperm production and increased risk for prostate cancer. For men interested in learning more about all available options, doctors can help recommend what form of TRT is right for them based on their individual needs.

What are the non-medical uses of TRT?

Many countries, including the United States, don’t allow people to legally purchase T supplements for TRT without a prescription.

Still, people seek out TRT for a range of non-medical reasons, such as:

  • losing weight
  • increasing energy levels
  • boosting sexual drive or performance
  • raising endurance for athletic activities
  • gaining extra muscle mass for bodybuilding

TRT has been shown to provide some of these advantages. For instance, according to a recent reviewTrusted Source, it effectively increased muscle strength in middle-aged and older males.

TRT, on the other hand, has few proven benefits for people with normal or high T levels, particularly younger males. And the dangers may outweigh the advantages. True Source discovered a link between high T levels and low sperm production in a small 2014 study.

Furthermore, many professional organizations consider using TRT to gain a competitive advantage in a sport to be "doping," and most consider it grounds for expulsion from the sport.

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