Wilkes University is a college for everyone. Wilkes prides itself on being different from any other university in the country, with its own unique culture that fosters creativity and innovation. Wilkes offers an unparalleled education experience by providing students with skills that employers are looking for, not just what Wilkes thinks you should know. Wilkes strives to stand out from all of the other colleges in America by offering hands-on learning experiences like internships and study abroad opportunities. Wilkes also has cutting-edge programs like engineering technology, cybersecurity management, and health care administration which provide students with new knowledge they can put to use immediately after graduation!

Explore What Wilkes Has to Offer

Wilkes University is a small liberal arts school that was founded in 1933. Wilkes offers students the opportunity to study in their traditional student body. This tight-knit community provides one-on-one opportunities with Wilkes professors and other students with an estimated 12:1 student-faculty ratio.

Wilkes is a great option for Arizona residents because the tuition rate does not include out-of-state fees. Wilks provides all their credits at no cost to transfer in from another college or university, allowing for an easy transition into higher education without additional costs.

Wilks has a very diverse campus with students coming from all over the world to study for their undergraduate degrees. There are nearly 40 countries represented throughout Wilke's student body!

Wilkes University's Academics and Research

Wilkes University provides the Wilkes Advantage. Wilkes is a liberal arts college with high academic standards, an impressive faculty, and staff, diverse undergraduate programs in business, education, humanities, STEM fields of study (science/math/engineering), social sciences, and more! Wilkes offers degrees at both the bachelor’s level and master’s program to meet your career goals. Wilkes is known for its small class sizes and inviting atmosphere. Wilkes University creates a community of learners that are dedicated to their academics, hardworking in the classroom but also seek out opportunities outside of Wilkes because it's not just about getting an education-it's about living life to the fullest!

The University's Social Life

Wilkes University is known for its small class sizes. Wilkes students are not only classmates but they become lifelong friends, study partners, and confidants who often collaborate on group projects together outside of the classroom! Wilkes provides an inviting atmosphere to learn in with a sense of community that is hard to find at larger universities without sacrificing opportunities offered by bigger schools. Wilkes is also known for its social life, which includes numerous student organizations and activities, club sports teams, weekly campus events, and local Wilkes-Barre nightlife!

Financial Aid and Admissions

Financial aid and admissions at Wilkes University can be a little different from other schools. Wilkes University has what is called the Wilkes Advantage, which gives students access to scholarships that are not found anywhere else. This scholarship program includes merit-based awards as well as need-based grants for those who qualify. Wilkes also offers so many opportunities for students to apply for scholarships. Wilkes has about one hundred different ways that they give out scholarship money, which is why Wilkes University can be perfect even with a student's financial situation. Wilkes also has an Office of Admissions that is more than helpful to those who are interested in attending this school. Wilkes University wants every student that comes into the office for information or just inquiring about Wilkes, to be able to receive all of their questions answered and leave with a clear understanding of how they can attend Wilkes. Wilkes strives to make every student feel welcome and comfortable while receiving their education. Wilkes is a place for everyone, which makes it the school that we know as Wilkes University.

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