Who Generally Gets Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Therapy


People who are at increased risk of having a blood clot in the brain or lungs. Examples include people with diseases that increase their risks for stroke like cerebral amyloid angiopathy, sickle cell disease, and other conditions such as high-risk pregnancy or those on medications known to produce thrombosis (blood clots).

PRF Therapy is also used for complex cardiac surgery patients where it helps reduce swelling from congestive heart failure. It can be employed after lung resection procedures to prevent postoperative pulmonary complications by reducing excessive bleeding within the chest cavity. Other common uses outside of orthopedics include tendon injuries in sports medicine and strokes caused by carotid artery stenosis which cause severe pain due to obstruction of circulation.

The PRF therapy is also used to treat chronic leg ulcers (ulcera cruris) in people with severe peripheral artery disease. It's a minimally invasive procedure that helps reduce the risk for limb amputations by reducing the rate at which these wounds heal over time. The treatment may be given intravenously or through an injection directly into the wound area (known as "in situ"). Treatment typically takes place two to three times per week during an initial period; then once every two weeks until healing occurs or up to six months after one year if there is no evidence of improvement while on therapy.

Is PRP better than stem cells?

A lot of people are interested in PRP therapy because it is a stem cell alternative. The procedure involves extracting blood from the patient and then spinning that blood to separate out the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). That PRP, which contains bioactive proteins such as growth factors and cytokines, can be injected into areas where you experience pain or other symptoms like arthritis. This treatment has been reported to have significant benefits for patients with chronic joint pain.

The reason why some doctors prefer this over stem cells is due to its safety profile: You don’t run any risks by having more than one injection site at once — so if there were side effects they would not affect your entire body but rather just specific joints or areas seen in the first two weeks, but some people need more than one injection to see a difference because PRP therapy can take as long as three months of treatment before you really start noticing benefits.

Who should not get PRP?

It is important to make sure you are a good candidate for PRP before undergoing treatment. The main reasons why someone might not be an ideal candidate for PRP include: prior surgery in the area, blood clotting disorders, or skin infections (e.g., MRSA).

Don't do this if...

  • Don't do this if you have had previous surgery on your hand
  • Have any bleeding disorder that can cause excessive bruising
  • Currently has infected open wounds anywhere else on your body due to methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) - these conditions will increase risk of complications during and after treatment with platelet rich plasma.
  • In addition, don't do this if you have a skin infection anywhere on your body.

You may be wondering how you would know if PRF therapy is right for you. We can help answer that question as we’ve helped many people in your situation. Call us today to learn more about our experience and what qualifications make a good candidate.

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