What Exactly Is Platelet-rich Fibrin (PRF)?


PRF is a second-generation PRP that contains autologous platelets and leukocytes in a complex fibrin matrix  to speed soft and hard tissue healing and is used as a tissue-engineering scaffold for endodontics. A tabletop centrifuge can be used to centrifuge blood for 3-8 minutes at 1300 revolutions per minute. The final product is made up of three layers: a top layer of platelet-poor plasma, a middle layer of PRF clot, and a bottom layer of red blood cells (RBC). PRF comes in the form of a fibrin clot. A sterile tweezer-like instrument can be used to remove the PRF clot from the test tube. Platelet activation in response to tissue damage occurs during the process of making PRF release several biologically active proteins, including platelet alpha granules, platelet derived growth factor (PGDF), transforming growth factors (TGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), and others. Although platelets and leukocyte cytokines play important roles in the function of this biomaterial, the fibrin matrix that supports them is the most helpful in determining the determining elements responsible for PRF's true therapeutic potential. In a healing wound, cytokines are used and destroyed almost immediately. The balance between cytokines and the fibrin matrix that supports them is far more important than any other platelet derivative.

A Brief History of PRF

The idea for PRF has its roots in a technique called “platelet-rich plasma” or just “PRP.” This is when the blood from an individual is spun down to concentrate platelets, then injected around tendons and joints as well as over areas of bone trauma where there are high concentrations of white cells. It was first proposed in 1974 by two German orthopedic physicians named Hans-Wilhelm Muller and Georg Franck, but it took years before doctors started using it on patients because they were concerned about how safe this method would be. Eventually PRGF found medical acceptance after studies revealed that it could help heal wounds without the risk of infection associated with other techniques like antibiotics and antiseptics.

What is a Platelet and Why Are They Important to My Body?

A platelet, also called thrombocyte or thrombo-cyte (pl.thrombi) are tiny cells that form clots within the blood vessel system in order to stop bleeding if it occurs. If you cut yourself or get an injury, your body responds by releasing these cells which cause clotting around the area of damage so that you don't bleed out. One type of hormone secreted when this happens is epinephrine, known as adrenaline to most people... It's important because it constricts blood vessels and allows for increased circulation while at the same time slowing down heart rate and breathing rates. In other words: it's a natural way to slow your heart and make it beat more slowly so you don't have an adrenaline rush.

The Effectiveness of Treatment with PRP Therapy for Fractures, Tendons, Or Arthritis

PRF injections are often used as the first line of treatment before surgery or invasive procedures that may require long-term recovery periods like arthroscopic surgeries on joints (like ACL reconstruction). One study found patients who had this type of injection performed just one week prior to the procedure were less likely to experience pain during or after the procedure compared to those who did not receive preoperative therapy. This helps improve patient outcomes by reducing inflammation around surgical sites which can lead to complications such as excessive infection rates. In addition, the PRF injection can be used to help maintain healthy tissue around a surgical site before or after surgery.


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