What Do Naturopathic Practitioners Do?


A naturopathic physician is a physician who incorporates modern science and scientific practice with natural and traditional medical practices. Often the practice is called complementary medicine or naturopathy. It has a long tradition, starting with some of the earliest physicians who have used botanics, herbs and natural medicines. At the end of the 19th century, with the opening of the American School of Naturopathy, this practice became more official.

Naturopathic physicians approach every patient holistically, instead of concentrating on only one symptom, illness or diagnosis. All factors including biology, exposures to the environment, lifestyle behaviors, diets, exercise history and social / emotional factors, are also taken into account. The ultimate purpose of natural treatment is to restore equilibrium in the body in order to facilitate its natural healing.

What They Do?

Globalization is gradually becoming more conscious of alternative and eastern medicine. Many natural therapies with skepticism were introduced by the existing medical establishment and natural medical doctors were regarded for some time as dangerous quacks. Laws have also in many places been passed to prohibit their use. But as modern science and medicine developed, the importance and reputation of the naturopathic method was recognized by physicians and natural medicine was integrated into mainstream medical practice.

Naturopathy has developed over the past few decades into its own distinct medical practice. While acceptance continues to grow, opposition still prevails among some members of the conventional medical community. Study based upon evidence is being carried out to validate and improve the legitimacy of naturopathic practices, herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

Some of the most important naturopathic philosophies include:

  • The notion that patients should bear individual health responsibility
  • A holistic approach to how influences of structure, physiology, psychology, social, moral and lifestyle support the overall health
  • Diagnosing the disease as caused by metabolic dysfunction, lifestyle deficiency, stress and environmental factors in a naturalistic perspective
  • Natural treatment/care including a wide variety of therapies
  • Focus on disease prevention and good health promotion
  • Exposure to chemical or toxic compounds, air, water or food impurities, physical and psychological stress, inadequate diet and lifestyle factors are some of the causes underlying the disease.

Allergy, chronic pain, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, obesity, breathing disorders, cardiac conditions, fertility issues, menopause, sugar fatigue, cancer, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are among the most common illnesses. Naturopathic physicians may also carry out minor procedures, such as cyst removal or surface wound stitching. They may not conduct large operations, however. Naturopathic physicians are qualified to make the most of pharmaceutical medications, while natural healing agents are the main focus of naturopathic medicine.

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