Top 10 Yoga Studios Near Gilbert, Arizona


We know finding the best yoga studio for you to help keep fit and stay healthy can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best yoga classes near Gilbert, Arizona so you can make your choice wisely.  Each yoga studio provides its patrons with a unique community of like-minded, fitness-focused practitioners that you should be sure to check out on your next visit to Gilbert! If you know another amazing yoga studio that should also be included in our list - or one that should be removed - please let us know!

1. TruFusion Scottsdale

Address: 14202 N Scottsdale Road #114, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254, United States


About: TruFusion Scottsdale has a great facility specialized for over 200 group fitness classes every week. They have amenities like a healthy cafe with smoothies and a variety of foods to choose from.

They also have a spa, a retail boutique, and other health and wellness services. Their goal is to make members feel relaxed and comfortable to work out and relax. You are special so they want you to achieve your fitness goals. The theme in their place is the same from the instructors to their staff.

With a TruTribe culture of health and love, they want to be part of your fitness journey. It was established in 2016. They’ve been creating a great experience for members to come back for more.

2. Ocotillo Village Health Club & Spa

Address: 4200 S Alma School Road, Chandler, Arizona 85248, United States

About: Ocotillo Village Health Club and Spa has over 82, 000 square feet of space for members to feel a luxurious fitness facility. They offer different fitness and yoga classes every week with instructors from the Valley. You can find a class that suits your fitness needs. They have more facilities in their location like a cafe, two pools, splash pad, seven tennis courts, two group fitness studios, Pilates studio and hot yoga studio.

3. YogaSpot

Address: 1521 E Elliot Road #102, Gilbert, Arizona 85234, United States


About: YogaSpot was established in 2009. Since then, they’ve been serving members a great customer service with a welcoming and clean environment. They believe that hot yoga can detoxify the body, relax your mind, relieve tension in muscles, and invigorate your spirit.

They appreciate different kinds of people and love to know more new people so they can share what kind of studio they are and help the community. With their instructors having quality training and elite ongoing education, you can be sure that your time for relaxation is not wasted.

Now, they are acknowledged as one of the best yoga studios in the East Valley.

4. Living Stone Yoga

Address: 2335 S Lindsay Road, Suite 112, Gilbert, Arizona 85295


About: Living Stone Yoga are dedicated in showing their space for Yoga practice with their newest tool --- the Great Yoga Wall. This Yoga Wall is known as the modern version of the traditional “rope wall” system, the yoga suspension from Iyengar tradition.

You will still be doing old poses such as downward dog. But, this one is special because your pose can go deeper and you can do inversions.  It is like Spiderman + Yoga = Wall Yoga. The Yoga wall is made up of a system of belts that  will slide into built wall fixtures at different heights - ankle, waist and above-head height. Once you see it, you can see accessories like wristbands and a lumbar sling.

Newbies, injured people, and people with functional limitations will be confident to do poses and use the apparatus while achieving greater balance with safety.

5. Gilbert Yoga

Address: 655 N Gilbert Road Unit 162, Gilbert, Arizona 85234, United States


About: Gilbert Yoga was established in 2000. They are very open to make yoga accessible to everyone from all ages, shapes, and sizes. They offer a regular practice of yoga so anyone can achieve good health and overall well-being.

They are happy to help you experience the best version of yourself. Respecting each member and teaching how to nurture one’s self are their ways to let each individual heal their bodies and mind. So, they have a variety of classes available to all levels and abilities.

You will learn how to gently do the poses while listening and connecting to your breath and your body’s signals. They aim to guide you into yourself while you discover yoga and experience it.

6. Yoga Deva

Address: 2928 South Spectrum Way, Gilbert, Arizona 85295


About: Yoga Deva was established in 2008. They welcome and teach people from all levels. They have sessions modified for your needs and have advanced Asanas for the more experienced Practitioners.

With them, you can learn the basics of Yoga in a safe and comfortable place where you can be open to yourself and begin to discover who you are. Their sessions and products aim to create balance for your mind and body. They are transitioning from their physical location to virtual online sessions called Transformational Coaching.

They also offer ‘LifeWave’ technology for a safer, more effective, and affordable solution for your pain and help your immune system.

7. Motto Yoga

Address: 7529 S Power Road, Suite 101, Queen Creek, Arizona 85142


About: Motto Yoga is very impressive in offering their hot yoga in a clean, hot, oxygenated room. They have a great line-up of experienced yoga instructors. They have different types of yoga classes like hot yoga, yoga sculpt, power flow, and yin/trigger classes.

They have schedules of classes at different times. It was established in 2015. This business has thrived to be a sanctuary for yoga and fitness lovers. It’s not a great deal if you are new or already practicing yoga already.

They will help you improve with their 1000+ year-old practice of yoga so your body and mind can relax and get better. They aim to help anyone be healthier, happier and have a balanced life.

8. Spirit Of Yoga

Address: 1420 E Southern Avenue, Tempe, Arizona 85282


About: Spirit of Yoga was established in 2011. It is one of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Yoga teacher Training programs that has changed lives and helped build careers like practitioners, instructors, and clients. It has a world-class facility for Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Practice.

They have programs designed to have principles of yoga which is a unifying tool for having good health and wellness as well as a deep spiritual connection.

They are committed to provide a structured and educational freedom for everybody so all will find their self while integrating “living Yoga” to their everyday life.

9. Yoga Pulse Studio

Address: 342 N Val Vista Drive #102, Mesa, Arizona 85213, United States


About: Yoga Pulse Studio has opened its doors to everybody since April 2016. They’ve been helping people be encouraged and empowered to be aware of what’s happening to their mind and body. Focusing on each individual, they practice breath work(pranayama), meditation, and mindfulness.

With their Heated flow classes, you can also enjoy complimentary aromatherapy and a cold towel in every end of their classes. Their teachers are experienced with different yoga backgrounds so you can learn from them.

They have  showers in each bathroom with shower towels for rent. They also do hands on adjustment when necessary. If you are just new, your first class is free.

10. Vibetality

Address: 1940 S Alma School Road, Suite 3, Chandler, Arizona 85286


About: Vibetality was established in 2013. They promise to make you comfortable in their holistic approach to health that came from ancient methodologies of yoga with the blend of modern day science and technology.

Vibetality has something unique to offer more than just a yoga studio and fitness studio. It is a full human optimization studio. The goal is to optimize and heal the body and mind. Get the best version of you while creating a positive and long-lasting physical and mental change for everybody.

Plus, make people’s lives have a balanced way of life. Their classes are fun and energetic. Let go of your self doubt and strengthen your bodies to their optimal levels.

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