How to Eliminate Knee Pain and Enjoy a Healthy Active Lifestyle Again, without Surgery

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Water Balance

Learn the importance of fluid consumption on knee pain and the dangers of dehydration. We will also explore how to easily calculate optimal daily fluid intake or water.




Discover #1 driving force of inflammation in the body and how it wreaks havoc on your knees and whole body.



Rest and Recovery

Understand how burning the candles at both ends influences pain and why poor sleep creates the downhill spiral of weight gain and more pain.




Fully grasp the impact training has on your knees, other joints, muscles and its role in pain.




Slimming Down

Recognize the relationship between your knee joints, body weight your overall health. Learn how long-term joint overload induces degenerative changes and creates chronic knee joint pain.




Master the top diet for knee joint pain with easy-to-follow guidelines that highlight the best and worst foods for your body and your knees.


Doctor doing stem cell therapy on a patient's knee after the injury. Treating knee pain with platelet-rich plasma injection. Treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis.Medical and cosmetology concept.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Fully comprehend and understand the best treatment options short of surgery. Realize that cortisone and other steroid injections may be doing more long-term damage than good. Discover the most advanced evidence-based options that the world’s top athletes use for knee pain.


Dr. Dylan Krueger

“Dr. Dylan Krueger, NMD graduated from medical school in 2016 after receiving extensive training in both conventional and functional medicine. He also has completed post-graduate training in regenerative medicine (Stem Cell Therapy/ PRP / amniotic allografts) and mentorship with some of Arizona's top Regenerative Medicine Specialists. He soon combined his interests in functional medicine and pain management with his business background to form Atlas Health Medical Group in Gilbert, AZ. His private practice focuses on identifying and treating the underlying causes of illness and pain with minimal use of pharmaceutical care.

Dr. Krueger's passion for non-surgical solutions, regenerative medicine, sports performance, bio-hacking, nutrition and exercise is utilized with every patient he sees as he creates personalized treatment plans that fit patients' busy lives. This comprehensive approach has helped patients live pain free with improved quality of life while reducing the need for opioids.

Dr. Krueger loves offering cutting edge therapies and has saved hundreds of patients from needing surgery. In his free time, he enjoys camping, hiking, golfing, weight lifting, watching Minnesota sports teams (sadly), reading and spending time with his wife and dog.”


Naturopathic Physician

Frequently Asked Questions

Results can vary based on the patients age, weight, overall health, treatment history and commitment but most people tend to start feeling improvements after a couple weeks.

Yes, many of our patients are able to eventually get off their pain medications. We require patients to work with their prescribing physician to achieve this in the safest manner possible. Always follow your prescribing physicians’ orders when it comes to tapering and dosage changes.

Patients at this advanced stage can still get pain relief, it just takes a stronger commitment, great diligence to the protocol and more treatments typically. If surgery is truly your best option, we will happily refer you to local Orthopedic Doctors that we know and trust.

This really depends on various factors such as the patients age, severity of damage to the knee joint, treatment history, weight, other medical conditions ect. We have had patients return to running, competitions, and even marathons.

Generally, patients with diabetes, obesity, advanced age, autoimmune disease, chronic NSAID use (Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aspirin, etc.), many steroid injections, and poor diets will heal slower overall.

This is impossible to answer without knowing your medical history, treatment history, diet, lifestyle, imaging reports, and conducting an extensive in office orthopedic examination. Many of our patients are able to avoid or delay surgery at the least but sometimes surgery is the best option and we will always make the best objective assessment and refer out when necessary.

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