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Is your knee pain slowing you down? Reduce your pain naturally with Regenerative Non-Surgical Treatments

Are you at your wits end looking for a solution? Regain strength and resume hobbies again with minimal downtime

Need & want to feel like yourself again? Enjoy a happy, healthy life free of knee pain

Sick and tired of short term band-aid fixes? Significantly better long term results than cortisone/steroids and hyaluronic acid "gel shots"

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Avoid Surgery

Knee replacement surgery can be expensive and painful with a long recovery.  Regenerative therapy prolongs and improves your joints allowing you to stay active and healthy.


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Reduce Knee Pain & Improve Quality of Life

Regenerative therapy reduces arthritic knee pain and provides long term results.  



Minimal Downtime

Resume your normal activities within a few days and strenuous activities within 1-2 months typically.


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Improve Your Mobility

Wake up without pain and regain your ability to walk, stand, and exercise without your knees slowing you down. 


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Resume Hobbies

Life is too short to miss out on fun!  Resume golf, bowling, exercise classes, hiking, walking, biking, swimming and more with regenerative treatments. 


Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Inflammation

Stop the vicious cycle of inflammation and arthritic, achy knee pain.  Allow your body to naturally heal and recover.  


Dr. Dylan Krueger

“Dr. Dylan Krueger, NMD has receiving extensive training in both conventional and functional medicine as well as post-graduate training in Regenerative Medicine and Naturopathic Orthopedics.  He combined his interests in functional medicine and pain management with his dream of being a small business owner to form Atlas Health Medical Group in Gilbert, AZ. His private practice focuses on identifying and treating the underlying causes of illness and pain with outside the box solutions.

Dr. Krueger's passion for non-surgical solutions, regenerative medicine, sports performance, bio-hacking, nutrition and exercise is utilized with every patient he sees as he creates personalized treatment plans that fit patients' busy lives. This comprehensive approach has helped patients live pain free with improved quality of life while reducing the need for opioids or other pain medications.

Dr. Krueger loves offering cutting edge therapies and has saved hundreds of patients from needing surgery. In his free time, he enjoys camping, hiking, golfing, weight lifting, stand-up comedy shows, watching Minnesota sports teams (sadly), reading and spending time with his wife and his dog Lily.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Results vary based on the patients age, weight, overall health, treatment history and commitment but most people tend to start feeling improvements after a couple weeks.

Yes, many of our patients are able to eventually get off their pain medications. We require patients to work with their prescribing physician to achieve this in the safest manner possible. Always follow your prescribing physicians’ orders when it comes to tapering and dosage changes.

Patients at this advanced stage can still get pain relief, it just takes a stronger commitment, great diligence to the protocol and more treatments typically. If surgery is truly your best option, we will happily refer you to local Orthopedic Doctors that we know and trust.

This really depends on various factors such as the patients age, severity of damage to the knee joint, treatment history, weight, other medical conditions etc.  Generally, the treatments cost a small fraction of the price of knee surgery and can be more cost-effective than continuous steroid and hyaluronic acid injections.  

Regenerative injections have better outcomes in pain reduction and increased functionality at 3, 6, and 12 month follow-ups compared to steroids (cortisone) and hyaluronic acid (“gel shots”) 

This is impossible to answer without knowing your medical history, treatment history, diet, lifestyle, imaging reports, and conducting an extensive in office orthopedic examination. Many of our patients are able to avoid or delay surgery at the least but sometimes surgery is the best option and we will always make the best objective assessment and refer out when necessary.

Top 5 Knee Clinics in Chandler, AZ

1. Dylan W. Krueger, NMD, Atlas Health Medical Group, 1447 W. Elliot Road #103, Gilbert 85233, Arizona, 480-648-1534


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About: Dr. Dylan Krueger, double majored at the University of North Dakota and graduated with honors before receiving extensive training in both conventional and functional medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  After becoming a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, NMD, he completed post-graduate training in regenerative medicine and mentorship with some of Arizona’s top Regenerative Medicine and Pain Specialists.  He soon combined his interests in functional medicine and pain management with his dream of being an entrepreneur to form his own private practice with his wife.  His private practice focuses on identifying, understanding, listening and treating the underlying causes of symptoms and pain with minimal use of pharmaceutical care.

Services Offered: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, prolotherapy, high dose PRP, PRF, testosterone replacement therapy, peptides, MSK ultrasound, dry needling 

What makes them Different: Dr. Krueger’s passion for non-surgical solutions, regenerative medicine, peptides, hormone replacement therapy, opioid alternatives like medical marijuana, nutrition and exercise is utilized with patients he sees to create personalized treatment plans that fit patients’ busy lives. This comprehensive approach has helped patients live pain free with improved quality of life while reducing the need for medications.  Dr. Krueger loves offering cutting edge therapies and has saved hundreds of patients from needing surgery.  He believes there is nothing better in medicine than giving patients their personal sovereignty back.

2. Danton S. Dungy, MD, Dungy Orthopedic Center, 2121 W. Chandler Blvd Suite 110, Chandler, AZ 85224, 480-963-2233


About: Dr. Dungy started his own business after practicing in the Valley of the Sun for the last 19 years.  He decided to open his own orthopedic surgical practice in Chandler, AZ. As the Founder and CEO of The Dungy Orthopedic Center, he takes pride in the professionalism that will be provided to you as a patient.

Services Offered: Diagnostic imaging, workers compensation, second opinions, and various orthopedic surgeries.  

What makes them Different: Dr. Dungy was taught to be proud of the work that he does and thus the name of his practice. He is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with a sub-specialization in adult reconstruction.

3. Jonathan Fox, MD, Desert Orthopedic Specialists, 2905 W. Warner Rd Suite 23, Chandler, AZ 85224, 480- 345-2031


About: Dr. Fox has been board certified in orthopedic surgery since 1987 and was recertified in 1997, 2007 and 2017. He has been in private practice since 1985.

Services Offered: Hip, knee, and shoulder orthopedic surgeries. 

What makes them Different: Desert Orthopedic Specialists combines two complimentary specialties into one practice to provide forward-thinking healthcare solutions that provide real, positive, life-enhancing solutions to our patients.

4. Eric A. Eifler, MD, AZ Orthopedics, 2900 W. Ray Rd Suite 5, Chandler, AZ 85224, 480-659-7147

About: Eric A. Eifler, MD is an expert in the field of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine with more than 18 years of experience. He has received recognition as a Top Doctor in Arizona and North Texas.

Services Offered: Joint arthroscopy, cartilage repair, biologic therapy.

What makes them Different: Dr. Eifler’s #1 priority is to get his patients back to enjoying their favorite activities. Whether supporting a collegiate athlete, a “weekend warrior”, or 45 year old software engineer with a new injury, his expertise is customizing a treatment plan for maximum functional recovery. 

5. George K Myo, MD, Arizona State Orthopaedics, 2161 E. Pecos Rd, Suite 1, Chandler, AZ 85225, 602-753-2663 


About: Patients in Phoenix’s East Valley have trusted George K. Myo, MD, and his team for over a decade. His practice, Arizona State Orthopaedics in Chandler, Arizona, is conveniently located near Mesa, Gilbert, and Sun Lakes.

Services Offered: Joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic orthopedic repairs, and carpal tunnel surgery.

What makes them Different: With the modern diagnostic and treatment tools available at Arizona State Orthopaedics,  patients of all ages can expect to find a resolution for nearly any concern. Because each practitioner tailors their treatments to the patient’s specific needs, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to every condition. Instead, patients receive care and support for their particular health issues.

Do You Need a Knee Doctor Focused on Results-Based Solutions in Chandler, Arizona?

Atlas Health Medical Group in Gilbert, Arizona specializes in providing Functional & Regenerative Medicine to the East Valley including Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, San Tan and Queen Creek. Offering innovative treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Bio-Identical Hormones, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), Nutrient IVs that allow us to individualize care for every patient. We pride ourselves on setting the standards of patient care and result-driven treatments. This approach has allowed us to become the leading wellness clinic in Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa Arizona.  Our patients return to health and live the life they intended. 

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Common Questions

Yes, walking is an excellent exercise for knee pain.  Walking provides minimal stress and load on the knee joint, while increasing blood flow.  It is important to be consistent with walking with the goal of at least 10,000 steps daily for most people.

Knee pain can be caused by many different things, which is why it is very important to get evaluated by a doctor to find out the source of the pain.  Sometimes imaging such as an x-ray or MRI may be needed to figure out what the problem is.  The most common cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis.  This is typically experienced later in life and is a degenerative joint condition in which the supporting connective tissue begins to wear out.  Other common causes of knee pain include: meniscus tears, ligament tears, tendon tears, and inflammation. 

One of the most basic and helpful home remedies is simply icing your knee.  This helps temporarily take away pain and relieve inflammation.  Another popular strategy is rotating between ice and heat.  Typically 30 seconds of ice and 2 minutes of heat repeated 3 times in a row once per day.

Repeated steroid injections (ex cortisone), chronic NSAID use (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, diclofenac etc) and excess weight gain (obesity) are all extremely detrimental to the health and longevity of the knee joint and should be avoided.

This varies from person to person, but generally speaking extreme pain 7/10 or higher on a daily basis with decreased function and limited activities you can complete.  Additionally, x-ray and MRI findings showing advanced deterioration and designation of the connective tissue supporting the joint would all be good indications to consider a knee replacement.

This depends on what type of knee pain you are experiencing and the severity.  For severe cases where there is a complete tear or advanced degeneration, surgery will be the fastest way to alleviate the pain.  For non-surgical cases, platelet rich plasma will be the fastest and most effective long term option to relieve knee pain.

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