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Nutrient IV Therapy in Gilbert, AZ

One of our popular Naturopathic treatments at our Gilbert, AZ location is Nutrient IV therapy for a broad range of conditions from fatigue to colds/flus to athletic performance and recovery and everything in between.  Nutrient IV therapy has become trendy as of late, as celebrities and more and more people are becoming proactive with their health needs and taking advantage of this new treatment option.  The therapy consists of administering vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and amino acids intravenously through a slow infusion directly into the body.  This has many advantages compared to oral administration and better overall clinical results.

IV Therapy provided by Naturopathic Doctors in Gilbert, AZ
Nutrient IV Therapy in Gilbert, AZ

The first advantage to IV infusions is that they raise serum vitamin and mineral levels in the body at a quick rate.  This is particularly important for the vast majority of Americans that consume a poor, nutrient deficient diet.  The IV can quickly replete and re-hydrate their body back to optimal health at a rate that cannot be achieved otherwise.  This is due to a couple of factors such as oral tolerance and malabsorption in the small and large intestine.  For example, vitamin C and magnesium both reach a gastrointestinal saturation limit and have maximal urinary excretion.  This means that at a certain point when you keep increasing the dosage you either stop absorbing it efficiently, urinate it out, or have a loose stool from too much at once.  This makes raising serum vitamin and mineral levels extremely hard through oral administration alone.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to raise vitamin C and magnesium serum levels with only oral intake.  Once patients become deficient they simply cannot catch back up without Nutrient IV therapy.  The second advantage is that IV infusions bypass the gastrointestinal tract.  This is helpful for the many Americans who have increased clinical or subclinical intestinal permeability.  This could be from conditions such as Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, IBS or increased permeability (“Leaky Gut”) from herbicides and pesticides in conventionally produced foods that damage the intestinal lining and open gap junctions from inflammatory reactions.  By skipping past the intestinal tract, we ensure that the nutrients are well absorbed and no GI related side effects occur.

Benefits of Naturopathic Nutrient IV Therapy:

  • Increased energy
  • Immune system boost
  • Hydration
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Improved Mood
  • Detoxification
  • Increased Absorption of Vitamins / Minerals

Vitamins and Minerals available for IV Therapy at Atlas Health Medical Group’s Gilbert, AZ Clinic:

Vitamin C: Also called Ascorbic Acid, functions as an antihistamine, antioxidant, increases immune function, and synthesizes collagen and carnitine.  Additionally, vitamin C has antibacterial and antiviral properties as well as aiding in the metabolism of neurotransmitters.

Magnesium: Acts as one of the most important cofactors in over 300 biochemical pathways and reactions in the body.  Aids in the creation of ATP, the body’s main storage form of energy.  Magnesium is also involved in neuronal, cardiac and cell membrane activity.  It plays a role in the dilation of blood vessels and has relaxation and antispasmodic effects on the muscles throughout the body.  

Calcium: Widely known for its role in bone strength, calcium also helps with tooth integrity, muscle contraction, and blood sugar metabolism.  

Vitamin B-12: Also known as Methylcobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin, and Cyanocobalamin.  Most recognized as the energy vitamin, B-12 has a large role in our body’s metabolism.  The vitamin also plays a role in nervous and immune system function as well as DNA and red blood cell synthesis.

Folic Acid: Mainly involved in the creation of DNA and RNA in the body but also in vitamin B-12 metabolism and immune and nervous system function.

Vitamin B-5: Also known as Pantothenic Acid, this vitamin is involved in cholesterol synthesis, acetylcholine and amino acid breakdown.  

Vitamin B-6: Alternatively known as pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine this vitamin is utilized as a cofactor in many biochemical and enzyme reactions.  It also has extensive roles in carbohydrate, amino acid, and lipid metabolism.  It benefits the immune system and the action of steroid hormones in the endocrine system as well.  

B-Complex: This is a mix of Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacinamide (B3), Dexpanthenol (B5), and Pyridoxine (B6).

Glutathione: This nutrient is the strongest antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body and is a master free radical scavenger.  It also supports the elimination pathways and is good for detoxification.

Zinc:  This mineral is an abundant cofactor for many biochemical and enzyme reactions throughout the body.  Zinc is an important nutrient in the growth of DNA, protein, hearing, vision, male reproduction, and the immune system.  It also acts as an antioxidant and has antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity.     

Selenium:  This mineral is a cofactor in the detoxification pathway, particularly with glutathione production.  Selenium is important in immune function as a antioxidant and antiviral mineral.  It also is useful in thyroid hormone conversion.  

These nutrients can be administered in various combinations based on the patient’s symptoms and needs by our team of Naturopathic Medical Doctors.  Nutrient IV therapy in Gilbert, AZ is safe and effective for many different conditions and is the only way to raise certain vitamins and minerals quickly in the body.  The benefits are profound and range from increased energy to a immune boost to detoxification and athletic recovery.  For more information about Vitamin Intravenous Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, please contact our team of Naturopathic Medical Doctors at Atlas Health Medical Group, in Gilbert, AZ.  


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