IV Therapy - 101 Statistics About IV Therapy In 2023


Have you ever wondered what IV Therapy is or how it can benefit your health? For many years people have been turning to this cutting-edge practice to boost their bodies health, and with good reason. In this comprehensive list we will explore the history and current trends of Nutrient IV Therapy and uncover tips and tricks for achieving optimal results. We’ll also look at surprising statistics related to the treatment and all its advantages—including potential side effects that you should be aware of. Get ready to discover why more and more people are choosing IV Therapy for their health needs!

We know finding facts and figures about Nutrient IV Therapy can be time-consuming and frustrating, so we put together this list of the top 101 facts, notes, and statistics so you can easily reference them and refer back to them any time in the future.  This space is constantly changing, so if you see a fact that is not up-to-date, feel free to let us know. And if you know a stat we should add, let us know too!

1. 83% Of United States Medical Patients Receive Some Sort Of IV Therapy Or Infusion As Of 2019.

As IV treatments continue to grow in popularity for their efficacy, many clinicians are researching even further applications for this remarkable advancement in modern healthcare.

2. The IV Therapy Infusion Market Is Said To Reach $10.99 Billion By 2026.

3. IV Therapy Is The Fastest Way To Deliver Nutrients Throughout The Body, Because It Bypasses The Digestive System And Goes Directly Into The Organs, Resulting In A 90-100% Absorption Rate (As Opposed To Only 20-50% Possible Orally).

4. IV Therapy Is Neither A Novel Medical Practice Nor A Bizarre Trend. In The 1600s, Medical Personnel Made Their First Attempt At Injecting Drugs Into Veins, But The Procedure Was Soon Abandoned Due To Inadequate Cleanliness.

5. The First Use Of IV Therapy Was During World War I, But It Wasn't Until Dr. John Myers Created His Now-Famous Vitamin And Mineral Cocktail In The 1960s That The Intravenous Vitamin Therapy As We Know It Today Started To Take Shape.

6. Healthcare Professionals Can Administer And Watch Over IV Therapy Sessions. A Session Only Takes Between 30 And 45 Minutes As An Outpatient Service. 

7. Cost Varies Based On The Type Of IV Therapy, But Is Usually $99-$300.

8. The Majority Of Hospital Inpatients (About 80%-90%, Depending On The Kind Of IV Therapy) Get Intravenous (IV) Infusion Therapy At Some Point During Their Stay.

9. IV Therapy Involves Giving A Patient Fluids Through An Intravenous (IV) Line.

By opening up the blood vessels, the treatment facilitates the rapid delivery of fluids, drugs, blood, or nutrients to the body's tissues and organs.

10. IV Therapy May Have A Quicker Impact On The Body Than Oral Fluids.

This rapid absorption can be incredibly beneficial, especially if you are feeling extremely dehydrated or if you need quick medical attention due to illness or trauma.

11. IV Therapy Is Used In Healthcare Settings To Deliver Nutrients, Blood Products, Or Medications To The Body.

The ingredients are dissolved in a liquid solution and delivered into a vein through an IV line.

12. Among Other Things, Intravenous Therapy Is Used To Treat Wounds, Dehydration, Malnutrition, And Infections.

13. Although IV Therapies Have Significant Risks, The Most Of Them Can Be Reduced With The Supervision Of A Trained Healthcare Provider Who Adheres To Prudent Safety Policy.

14. Some Persons May Experience Side Effects From IV Treatment. It Is Crucial That You Obtain Care From Trained Professionals Who Can Keep Track Of Your Body's Responses.

Various side effects from the prescribed vitamins themselves can also happen. To avoid these side effects, it’s important to tell your doctor about any medications or supplements you take and reactions you’ve had in the past. Then, your team must monitor you for reactions.

15. The Price Of IV Therapy Varies Depending On The Practitioner, Region, And Ingredients.

16. One Of The Nicest Aspects Of IV Treatment Is How Rapidly Its Benefits Take Effect. After Only A Few Minutes Of Treatment, Many People Start To Feel More Energized And Aware.

Compared to medication or drinking water, IV treatment offers almost instantaneous advantages. There is therefore no better treatment choice if you need to feel well quickly than IV therapy.

17. IV Treatment Is Quick And Practical.

With the exception of answering a few questions and extending your arm, the procedure involves no effort. It's best to avoid exerting yourself while you're sick or feeling lousy due to a hangover.

18. Your IV Package Can Be Altered To Meet Certain Requirements.

You can ask for a B12 add-in if you merely require hydration but are aware that you are vitamin B12 deficient.

19. Many Americans Are Chronically Dehydrated Despite Being 60% Water. If You're Sweating A Lot, It's Challenging To Stay Hydrated, Even With Oral Supplements. All IV Treatment Packets Contain Saline To Simulate Adequate Hydration.

20. IV Therapy Components May Cause Allergic Reactions.

IV therapy components, such as the medicated solutions, dyes, and preservatives used in certain treatments can cause allergic reactions in some patients.

21. IV Therapy May Not Produce Significant Changes For All People. If You're Dehydrated, Nauseated, Or Otherwise Feeling Unwell, IV Therapy Effects May Be More Pronounced Than Someone Who Just Needs A Boost In Energy.

22. IV Therapy Normally Lasts 3–4 Days. The Individual Determines This. Treatment Effects May Last Two Weeks.

23. There Is Some Evidence That Intravenous Treatment Can Aid In Weight Loss.

24. IV Therapy And Hydration Are Recognized As The Quickest Means To Administer Fluids Or Medications To The Body.

25. IV Therapy And Hydration Increase Energy.

IV therapy and hydration might be the answer for you. Taking in fluids and vitamins intravenously is an awesome way to give your body the hydration and nutrients it needs in order to get back into its groove. 

26. IV Therapy Increases The Immune System's Power.

27. IV Therapy  Reduces Anxiety And Stress.

IV therapy has been gradually rising in popularity due to its ability to reduce anxiety and stress while providing a variety of wellness benefits.

28. IV Therapy Can Be Used For More Severe And Chronic Disorders.

29. The Same High-Quality Components Used In Hospitals All Over The World Are Utilized In IV Therapy, Which Is A Very Straightforward And Safe Method.

30. The Majority Of Patients Report That The IV Therapy Process Is Tolerably Painless.

If you typically feel pain when a needle is inserted, it can feel a bit unpleasant. However, overall IV nutrition therapy is safe for the body and comfortable. In almost all circumstances, mild discomfort is considerably overshadowed by the benefits experienced—both short- and long-term—once the immediate effect of the treatment is felt.

31. You Can Use It As A Defense Against The Common Cold.

Even while a cold can't always be avoided, the symptoms can be quickly and effectively treated with an IV nutrient treatment that contains vitamin C. Large doses of vitamin C may actually shorten the duration of cold symptoms, according to a thorough study that was published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

32. The body can take anything from 12 to 48 hours to completely digest solid foods.

In contrast to when you consume them, IV treatment allows you to experience the effects of all the necessary nutrients right away. The vitamin infusion enters the bloodstream immediately after the IV is placed. The vitamins are subsequently utilized by the body to carry out and facilitate a variety of crucial processes, including controlling metabolism, producing red blood cells, and keeping the immune system in good shape.

33. IV Therapy Can Be Used To Treat A Wide Range Of Health Issues, As Well As To Relieve Muscle Pain, Strengthen The Immune System, Aid In Post-Workout Muscle Recovery, Treat Dehydration, Treat Chronic Fatigue, And Much More.

34. Because IV Drip Therapy Does Not Involve The Digestive System, It Is An Efficient Approach To Administer Drugs, Vitamins, And Nutrients To The Body.

35. By Providing Your Body With The Resources It Needs To Maintain Optimal Health, IV Drips Can Enhance Both Physical Wellness And Aspects Of Mental Wellness, Such As Despair Or Anxiety.

36. IV Drip Therapy Enhances General Health By Giving Your Body All The Vitamins And Nutrients It Needs.

37. Giving Your Body The Support It Needs To Keep You Feeling Your Best All Year Round Is Easy And Effective With IV Drip Therapy.

38. Treatment With IV Drips Can Lessen The Negative Effects Of Free Radicals.

39. IV Drip Therapy Is A Powerful Tool That Has The Potential To Drastically Slow Down The Aging Process. 

40. You Can Lessen Blemishes Using IV Drip Therapy.

41. You May Be Able To Lessen The Look Of Wrinkles With IV Drip Therapy.

42. You Can Strengthen Your Hair, Nails, Skin, And Eyes Using IV Drip Therapy.

43. IV Drips For Athletes Can Provide Fast And Effective Hydration

44. The Use Of Intravenous Fluids By Athletes Can Lead To Improved Athletic Performance.

45.  Athletes Who Use IV Drips May Experience A Quicker Recovery.

46. Athletes Who Use Iv Drips Can Keep Their Muscles And Tissues In Good Shape.

47. Athletes Who Get Iv Drips Can Eliminate The Free Radicals That Are Created By Their Workouts Naturally.

48. Athletes Can Get A Boost In Their Endurance Before A Workout By Receiving Iv Infusions.

49. After A Tournament Or Strenuous Activity, Athletes May Benefit From Receiving An Iv Drip As Part Of Their Rehabilitation Strategy.

50. Both Professional And Amateur Athletes Can Benefit Immensely From Receiving An Iv Drip.

51. Iv Therapy Is The Quickest Approach To Get Critical Nutrients Into Your Body That Is Currently Available.

52. Certain Illnesses May Benefit From Treatment By Intravenous Therapy.

The best thing about IV therapy is that it can hydrate your body and improve your mood. Additionally, it can help with digestive tract disorders like Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, and cystic fibrosis. Because these conditions may make it difficult for some vitamins and minerals to be absorbed, IV treatment can assist supply essential nutrients without disrupting the digestive system.

53. IV Therapy Promotes Better Cardiovascular Health.

The cardiovascular effects of IV medication can vary greatly depending on the components of your drip bag. The relaxation of your blood vessels caused by some amino acids, such as arginine ornithine, may drop your blood pressure. Calcium and magnesium are two minerals that can assist control how your blood vessels expand and constrict.

54. IV Therapy Provides Your Body With Natural Energy.

55. The Best Way To Obtain Immune-Boosting Antioxidants Is Through IV Treatment.

56. IV Therapy Aids In Maintaining A Healthy Weight.

57.  One Of The Most Effective Treatments To Cure A Hangover Is IV Therapy.

58. IV Therapy Facilitates Faster Wound Healing.

59. IV Therapy Reduces The Effects Of Aging.

60 Although Intravenous Therapy Has Been Used Extensively In The Medical Field Since The 1950s, It Has Only Lately Gained Popularity As A Treatment For Health, Beauty, And Wellness.

61. Rehydrating The Body Is One Of The Key Advantages Of IV Drip Therapy. 

This is beneficial for those seeking iv drip therapy for a variety of reasons, including improved wellness, clarity, energy, and stress management.

62. A Fantastic Technique To Increase Your Energy Is Through IV Drip Therapy.

Supplements like vitamin B12, vitamin C, or glutathione can boost your energy levels in addition to the hydrating effects that will aid your body's cells regenerate and re-energize.

63. It Has Been Demonstrated That Some IV Drip Therapies, Such As Those Using Glutathione And Vitamin C, Can Reduce Inflammation. This Helps Your Body Cope With Its Current Stresses And Can Enhance Your Gut Health, Immune System, And Other Functions.

64. IV Drip Therapy Works Well As A Supplement To Your Cosmetic Regimen. Vitamin And Antioxidant-Infused IV Drip Therapy Can Nourish Your Skin While Eradicating Free Radicals For A Healthy Glow.

65. IV Drip Therapy Can Help Reduce Some Of The Symptoms Of Migraines. It May Be Possible To Reduce Symptoms Like Sensitivity To Light Or Sound, Discomfort, Or Nausea By Combining The Hydration Effects With Some Vitamin And Nutrient Supplements.

66. Anti-Inflammatory Or Antihistamine IV Drip Therapy Are Used Specifically To Treat Allergies. The Combination Of Water And Electrolytes In IV Drip Therapy, Even Without These Additives, Can Assist To Clear Sinuses And Calm Itchy Eyes.

67. In Contrast To The 7–20% Absorbed Through Oral Intake, Up To 90% Of The Vitamins And Nutrients In The Solution Are Absorbed Into The Body During IV Drip Therapy.

68. The Absorption Rate Of IV Drip Therapy Is More Predictable, And Potency Control Is Simpler. 

This implies that you have more control over the amount of a given vitamin that enters your body.

69. IV Treatment Can Hasten Your Recovery.

An IV infusion can help you feel better immediately if you're feeling under the weather. Your energy levels may increase and you may feel more like yourself again thanks to the nutrients that are immediately injected into your system.

70. You Can Acquire The Nutrients You Might Be Lacking Through IV Therapy.

71. A Number Of Illnesses Can Be Treated With IV Therapy.

72. IV Therapy Is Secure And Efficient.

73. IV Treatment Is Effective.

74. Dr. John Myers Created And Gave The First IV Vitamin Drips In The 1970s.

75. The First Recorded Instance Of IV Treatment Was Carried Out In Rome In 1492 By A Physician Attending To Pope Innocent VIII.

76. The Science Of Blood Transfusion Is Where IV Treatment First Emerged. 

The 1660s saw the first documented attempt at a blood transfusion using rudimentary iv therapy. Two sad dogs were a part of the experiment, which proved unsuccessful.

77. Later, Sir Christopher Wren Used A Pig's Bladder And A Quill To Make The First Successful IV Infusion System.

He succeeded in infusing wine, ale, opium, and liver of antimony into the veins of a dog in 1658, and the successful experiment was repeated with different infusions.

78. Dr. Jean Baptiste Denis Successfully Performed The First Animal-To-Human Transfusion In 1667 By Injecting A Young Man With Nine Ounces Of Lamb's Blood.

79. One Of The Most Often Utilized Treatments In Contemporary Medicine Is IV Therapy.

80. More Than A Century Ago, Several Forms Of IV Therapy Have Been Prescribed By Physicians And Provided By Licensed Nurses. 

It is a speedy and effective means to get fluids or drugs into the bloodstream.

81. IV Therapy In A Clinic Costs, On Average, Roughly $100, While The Average Cost Of Mobile IV Therapy For One Individual Is $149.

82. IV Therapy Is An Increasingly Popular Way To Help Treat A Wide Variety Of Health Conditions. 

It provides the body with direct delivery of medications, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can be administered in a relatively short amount of time.

83. Dehydration Can Be Treated With IV Treatment, Which Also Offers Rehydration And Electrolyte Replacement.

84. Many People Use IV Therapy For Preventative Health Maintenance And To Replenish Their Bodies After Physical Exertion. 

This is especially helpful for athletes who need quick nutrient replacement in order to perform at the highest level possible.

85. IV Therapy Is Not Just Limited To Medical Use; It Can Also Be Used For Beauty Treatments Like Skin Rejuvenation And Collagen Boosting.

86. There Are Different Types Of IV Therapy That Differ In Terms Of Their Ingredients, Depending On The Needs Of The Patient. 

87. IV Therapy Is Typically Administered By A Medical Professional Such As A Doctor, Nurse Or A Certified Technician In The Clinic Setting.

88. With Advancements In Technology, It’s Now Possible To Receive IV Therapy At Home Using Portable Infusion Pumps And Prepackaged Saline Solutions.

89. For Safety, It’s Important That IV Therapy Is Monitored By A Qualified Medical Provider To Ensure Correct Dosage And To Minimize Any Potential Risks.

90. Despite The Convenience Of IV Therapy At Home, Some People Still Prefer The Clinic Setting Due To Its Higher Level Of Professional Care And Supervision.

91. IV Therapy Has Become Increasingly Popular In The Last Few Years And Is Expected To Continue To Grow In Popularity Over The Next Few Years. 

As more people learn about its potential benefits, it’s likely that even more individuals will turn to IV therapy as a way to improve their health and wellbeing.

92. Many Problems, Such As Dehydration, Vitamin Deficiency, Persistent Weariness, Or Brain Fog, Can Be Treated With IV Therapy.

93. Recently, Individuals Who Have COVID-19 Have Also Been Treated With IV Treatment To Deal With Long-Distance Symptoms.

94. Improvements In Hydration Are One Of The Key Ways IV Treatment Can Benefit COVID Long Haulers.

The virus frequently causes dehydration, which can be made worse by the fact that many long-haul travelers also experience other symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting.

95.Immune System Boosting Effects Of IV Therapy Are Possible.

Long-haul drivers should take note of this because they have a higher risk of contracting secondary illnesses.

96. People Who Suffer From Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, And Other Autoimmune Illnesses May Find Great Benefit From IV Therapy Because It Is The Quickest Way To Refill The Body.

97. IV Therapy Can Aid In Boosting Energy And Easing Exhaustion.

This is crucial for long-haul drivers because they frequently deal with fatigue and exhaustion.

98. IV Therapy Can Boost Overall Stamina And Replenish The Body's Energy Stores.

99. The Fact That IV Therapy Delivers The Necessary Materials Right Into The Bloodstream Is Its Main Advantage.

100. IV Therapy Can Assist With A Variety Of Issues, Including Weight Loss And Anti-Aging.

101. IV Treatment Can Assist With Common Skin Issues Like Acne And Dull Skin.

IV treatment has become increasingly popular in the beauty world as a way to restore and rejuvenate skin. By injecting vitamins directly into the body, IV treatments can help with common skin issues like acne and dullness.

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