How Much Does IV Nutrient Therapy Cost?


An initial consultation about which IV therapy could be the best choice for you is absolutely free. The cost of IV therapies you may be interested in will depend on the type of IV therapy you choose and the number of sessions you schedule after the consultation.

Why do people use Drip IV Therapy or Nutrient IV Therapy?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a traditional American diet contains relatively few nutrients. Even if people eat fresh fruits and vegetables, the nutritional quality of store-bought produce today can be inferior to what people grew for themselves generations ago.

People live fast-paced, high-stress lives. There is no time to de-stress or sit down and enjoy a healthy meal with the family. Many people are sleep deprived throughout their lives. A person's health and well-being may be seriously damaged by such a lifestyle.

The immune system can become weak. Some people get cold one by one. When anyone gets sick regularly, productivity will go down. The rivalry is difficult to keep ahead when combating ongoing diseases.

An individual may feel tired and look older without enough essential nutrients. The skin may lose its youthful tone, the hair may grow thin and the nails delicate. Finally, a person may be more prone to disease, become depressed and lose interest in sexual activity.


The cost of the IVNT can also be prohibitive for certain insurance firms. The IVNT Infusion in New Orleans costs from 149 to 249 dollars and Philadelphia's start at 99 dollars and hit 149 dollars. It takes several hours to infuse several IVNT infusions to administration of the fourth nutrients. In IVNT clinics there are also ads that provide extra nutrients, such as glutathione, Q10 coenzyme, selenium, alpha-lipoic acid, zinc, fatty acids and even UV-light blood therapy.

IV vitamin therapy directly administers vitamins and minerals to the bloodstream with a needle that enters the vein directly. Therapy enthusiasts assume that this helps you to get more nutrients to stop the digestive process.

The injections suppliers say they tailor the vitamin and mineral formula to meet the patient's needs.

Many Australian lounges currently, for example, have "cocktails" that contain vitamins like Vitamin C and Zinc that enhance immune response to protect against influenza. The names of "Energy Cocktail" and 'Glow' are often used in other popular therapies. A vitamin IV therapy course will last 30-90 minutes, costing from between $80 and $1,000  ($55 to $700).

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Atlas Health Medical Group in Gilbert, Arizona specializes in providing Naturopathic / Functional Medicine to the East Valley including Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, San Tan and Queen Creek. We proudly offer Nutrient IV therapy, which is when vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals are infused directly into the bloodstream intravenously. This allows the delivery of the nutrients to bypass the digestive tract and the liver for maximal absorption. IV Vitamin therapy greatly benefits athletes, patients with compromised GI and Immune systems as well as patients with low energy and excess stress. We pride ourselves on setting the standards of patient care and result driven treatments so our patients can return to health and live the life they intended.  Contact us today for your first appointment!

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