Grand Canyon University is a private Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona. Grand Canyon's goal is to provide students with an excellent education and help them develop the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees from programs that focus on business, education, health sciences, nursing, psychology, or wellness among others.


Grand Canyon University has a long history of being a highly popular choice for higher education. Founded in 1949 as Grand Canyon College, the school was originally an institution that focused on educating students who had been "left behind" by traditional colleges due to their age or work schedules. However, over time Grand Canyon began to accept more traditional students and began to expand its curriculum. Grand Canyon became Grand Canyon University in 1984 and has since continued to expand its curriculum as well as the campus.

Today Grand Canyon is a private Christian university that offers more than 200 programs of study across nine distinct colleges, including multiple doctoral degree offerings through the College of Doctoral Studies. The school also maintains campuses around the world for students who want to earn Grand Canyon degrees but are unable to attend the traditional campus in Arizona.

Grand Canyon University has undergone enormous growth since its founding 70 years ago, always maintaining a focus on providing their students with an excellent education that they can use to pursue whatever career path they choose. Grand Canyon is recognized as one of the most innovative schools in higher education, and Grand Canyon graduates continue to be highly sought after by top employers around the world.

Why Choose GCU?

Grand Canyon University is a private, non-profit university located in Grand Canyon Village on the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Valley State University has been offering online courses since early and today serves over 20,000 attending students on campus and 70,000 online.

Grand Canyon University is well known for offering high-quality education at an affordable price, making it one of the most popular choices for higher education in Phoenix today. Grand Canyon has also received national recognition as a leading university specializing in online degree programs that allow students to pursue Grand Canyon tuition-free. Grand Canyon's popularity is on the rise as more students are discovering how Grand Canyon can open doors to their future with online education from Grand Canyon University.

Programs and Majors

Grand Canyon University has developed a reputation as one of the most innovative institutions in higher education, delivering on Grand Canyon's mission to serve high-demand career fields. This is achieved through Grand Canyon College Online which allows students to pursue their degrees online at an accelerated pace with flexible programs and schedules. The college offers more than 134 Bachelor’s Degree Majors, 111 Master's Degrees, 38 Doctoral Degrees, and 37 Certificate Degree programs. For more information for over 200 Major and Program Degrees that GCU offers, please visit their website.

Tuition and Financial Aid Grand

Financing your education is one of the most critical components every student needs to consider as an incoming student. Grand Canyon University is a unique, private university with tuition costs that are designed for anyone who wants access without any barriers or limitations based on their financial situation - this includes things like scholarships and grants! It's also worth mentioning how GCU strives not only in keeping its cost fair but working towards making sure all our students can afford it by being competitively priced while maintaining a quality educational experience throughout every stage from freshmen year onward.

GCU is a leader in online education with three convenient learning options for students. They can take classes on campus or at night while finishing their degree from afar! In addition to these traditional formats of study, GCU also offers some exciting alternatives like hybrid courses that combine live instruction and virtual laboratories into one integrated program - this means you won't have any exotic hardware needed other than an internet connection so it's easy even if logistics don’t allow travel right now.

For more information about GCU scholarships and grants, please visit their website.

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