Zanjero Park is a 20-acre park located just south of the Loop 202 freeway, on the east side of Lindsay Rd. The park is a converted detention basin for water and was opened on 19 April 2008. The primary use of the park is for horseback riding, which has hitching posts and water troughs for almost a mile of horseback riding trails. There is also a multi-use trail in the park which connects to the San Tan Trail. A Burrowing Owl Habitat is also provided in Zanjero Park.

Amenities for the Park:

  • Trails for Equestrians
  • Trail for Multi-Use
  • Function of Water
  • Ups of Horse-tie
  • Fountain Drinking Horse
  • 5 Parking trailer spaces
  • 14 parking spaces
  • 2 Ramadas Reservable
  • No facilities for Toilets
  • 20 Park of the Acre
  • Owl Burrowing Habitat

Ramada's/Tables for Picnic

Small Ramada with 2 tables and 1 grill, Zanjero TablesRamada #1. Power is not available.

Ramada #2: Medium Ramada, 2 tables and 1 barbecue. Power is not available.

Zanjero Park is an outdoor area where you can stroll around and there are a couple of picnic pavilions. They have hitching posts and some burrowing owls for horses.

If you want to get some walking or bike riding done, they do have a concrete path that extends over a mile.

That said, it's just a desert patch next to the highway.

This is a fun little field that the burrow owls are great to watch just get out and enjoy some nature. The nature here is magnificent. It is a nice place to stroll a bit. There are more shade and more places to rest, but it is great for a quick stroll.

It looks just like an old park in the desert. Go and watch it for yourself. The wildflowers, owls and baby rabbits. This place is excellent for kids and yet another enjoyable moment when the water flows. A desert refuge from the busy town, this almost abandoned park. Homes have been designed for burrow owls that you will get to see if you go. It also has a long track for walking/biking and is a perfect location for videos.

The sidewalk is really good and makes a circle around the park's outer perimeter. The owls along the sidewalk are burrowed and are easy to find. The car park is well maintained and has plenty of space.

A stunning walking/biking park just off Gilbert's 202 freeway. Owl huts (homes?) are strewn around the park, and at dawn and dusk the owls themselves can be seen. The walking path is long and on one side and the 202 freeway on the other runs the length of two school properties and office space. Despite the nearby highway, many forest, bush, shrub, and wildflower varieties line the route and make it a peaceful place to visit.

User:Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our offices located at 1447 West Elliot Road #103 in Gilbert! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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