The 6.5-mile Paseo Trail is a 10-foot-wide concrete multi-use pathway on the eastern side of Chandler's Consolidated Canal. In most places, the western side of the canal has an unimproved dirt surface that can be used for horseback riding or bicycling. The trail starts at Galveston Street and heads south to Riggs Rd.

The Paseo Trail is a favorite among walkers, joggers, stroller pushers, bicyclists, and even horseback riders (west side of the canal is recommended). It also serves as an alternative mode of transportation for those who work and live near the trail.

The Paseo Trail follows the Consolidated Canal through Chandler. It runs mostly north to south, connecting to other canal trails in Mesa and Gilbert for a total distance of about 18 miles. The trail is mostly paved on the canal's east side and pea gravel hard pack on the canal's west side. It passes through subdivisions, golf courses, and even a few farms. These multi-use trails have been developed since the trail's inception as a dirt path in the 1980s.

The canal's western side is an unimproved dirt surface suitable for horseback riding or bicycling. The first phase of the Paseo Trail opened in 2001, and it has since become very popular with walkers, joggers, stroller-pushers, bicyclists, and even horseback riders on the canal's west side. To ease the crossing at Pecos Road between Cooper and McQueen Roads, the City of Chandler installed a lighted signal with an activation button for pedestrians and a higher one for horseback riders along the Paseo Trail and its intersections with several major roads.

The Paseo Trail system currently has only two parking areas: Tibshraeny Family Park (270 N. Cottonwood - north of Chandler Blvd/east of Cooper Rd), at the northern trailhead, and Tumbleweed Park (2250 S. McQueen - south of Germann Rd/west of McQueen Rd), on the east side, via the Los Arboles park connection.

Patrons can use the parking lots and restrooms at these parks.

The trail starts at Galveston Street and heads south to Riggs Rd. Once you arrive in Gilbert, it is known as the Heritage Trail. It's quite long, and the concrete side is quite wide (about 10 feet). It can get a little crowded in the early mornings and late evenings. During these times, many bikers and joggers use the trail to beat the heat.

User:Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These amazing hiking trails are just a few of the must-see sights you don’t want to miss in Gilbert, Arizona:

  • Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch
  • Arizona Canal Path
  • Baseline Road to Eastern Canal Path
  • Cave Creek Tributary Trail
  • Cave Creek Wash Trail
  • Central Arizona Project to Arizona Canal Trail
  • Consolidated Canal Path
  • Crosscut Canal Path
  • Dreamy Draw Bikeway
  • Eastern Canal Path

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