A 32 acre park in Gilbert, AZ, is Nichols Park at Water Ranch. It is situated on the north side of Tremaine Rd, just west of Higley Rd. The park entrance is located just south of Guadalupe Rd, on the west side of Higley Rd.

For different sports, this park features 6 acres of multi-use open space. The park is the home base of the Arizona Cricket Club throughout the winter. It is considered to be one of the best cricket grounds in Arizona and one of the best in the United States as a whole.

There is one lit ramada in the park with a table, a drinking fountain, and power outlets. In addition, the eastern and southern boundaries of the park are lined by a multi-use trail. The Southern Boundary trail is part of the Western Powerline Trail and links to the western trail system of the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch.

The weekends are very popular. Note that this is both a retention area for water and a park. So keep some mosquito repellent in mind and that there may be water present. Verify the weather.

This is such a wonderful park for your dog to take for a stroll. For dogs and individuals, this is a perfect place.

That's lower than the surrounding roads, wide open grassy area, so you really feel like you are outside the city. Look out for mosquitoes. There are lots of brushes on the park's margins.

It's a nice place to play cricket. It is one of the ACA grounds where league games are played. Because of water logging, the only drawback is you can't play a game on both sides. Only on one side, you can play. It's heaven for batting. Many people come to this spot to use their drones and helicopters. On this level, amateur and talented photographers do their photoshoots. It's a good place for friends to hang out. There are no facilities for rest rooms. They have car parking.

This is a fun little secret park that almost feels like you are no longer in AZ. There are not many facilities here, such as playgrounds or toilets, but for a family photo shoot, it's a perfect location.

The children are enjoying seeing some of the wild bunnies come out to graze.

Pleasant grassy area with jungle gym, swings, field areas for baseball and soccer/football. There's a public fountain of water where you forget to bring your own drink. It's beautiful indeed. Nice mountain views as well. I went outside to watch my cousin play football with the banner. There was a food vendor selling sweet crushed ice there.

You will enjoy so many things here. You can pass a big covered fishing dock as you reach the park, which is perfect for crappies, small catfish and bass as well. A beach and a swimming area are nearby. There are softball, baseball fields and a beach volleyball court further within the park. There are nice trails for walking and biking. There are a variety of old rock formations that are perfect for a get together or just a cookout. There is a full playground for children nearby, and camping areas as well. On the east side of the lake, there is also a new pier, which is great. This is a perfect place to spend a whole day or only a few hours.

User:Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These amazing kid-friendly parks are just one of the many must-see sights you don’t want to miss in Gilbert, Arizona:

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  • Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our offices located at 1447 West Elliot Road #103 in Gilbert! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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