Tempe needs stronger bicycle and pedestrian linkages to local bus lines, as well as a more multimodal environment in general.

Tempe is committed to adopting ecologically friendly projects that enhance air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and promote alternative forms of transportation. The more than 3,300 individuals who live in Papago Park's 4-square-mile project area helped assure that the pathway would be well-used.

The City of Tempe, the Metropolitan Canal Alliance, and the Papago Salado Organization began planning for the path in 1998. The North Tempe Community Association and other neighbors collaborated with the City of Tempe on a neighborhood planning process. Representatives from a wide range of institutions, including the Phoenix Zoo, the Desert Botanical Gardens, the Salt River Project, and adjacent communities, attended a number of public hearings. The representatives created a project master plan to aid in the preservation of the area's environmental quality. Landscape architects, a local project artist, engineers, and a project historian made up the design team.

In 2003, the final 1.25-mile walkway was finished, providing an off-street connection to homes and public transportation.

Bicyclists, joggers, and pedestrians had new options thanks to the Crosscut Canal Path. It also included more than standard lighting, landscaping, and, most notably, public art that accentuates distinct aspects of the surrounding natural environment.

Canal Crosscut Multi-use Path runs from Washington Street to the Scottsdale border in north Tempe. The 2.5-mile walk runs through Papago Park and connects to Tempe's Evelyn Hallman and Moeur parks, following the Salt River Project's Crosscut Canal. Phase I was finished in 2002, and Phase II was finished in 2011. A paved walk, planting, lighting, and public art are all part of the project. Phase I will be funded with $1.3 million from the Bureau of Reclamation and $65,000 from the Tempe transit tax fund. Phase II will be funded with $1.5 million from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

Between Scottsdale and Phoenix, there is a beautiful paved bike track with spectacular views. It's a popular route for cyclists, pedestrians, and others looking for a quick workout.

The paved Crosscut Canal Path runs alongside the 1912 Crosscut Canal, connecting Tempe and Scottsdale. Thanks to a southern extension in Tempe that was completed in 2011, the route now runs the entire length of the canal.

The trail passes through Papago Park in the south, a wonderland of desert environment, flora, and animals. The trail's surroundings become increasingly residential as it proceeds north into Scottsdale. Trail users can continue a short distance northeast on the Arizona Canal Path to reach picturesque downtown Scottsdale from the path's northern terminus.

Evelyn Hallman Park (1900 N. College Avenue) in Tempe has plenty of parking and facilities for the Crosscut Canal Path.

Crosscut Canal is a popular green singletrack path with a length of 4,196 feet near Tempe, Arizona. This mountain biking main trail is accessible in both directions. This trail takes about 5 minutes to complete on average.

A fantastic track with stunning scenery, well-kept paths, and little traffic on a weekday. The most important issue is for there to be a better crossing and signs at Thomas, and that would be fantastic!

User:Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These amazing hiking trails are just a few of the must-see sights you don’t want to miss in Gilbert, Arizona:

  • Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch
  • Arizona Canal Path
  • Baseline Road to Eastern Canal Path
  • Paseo Trail
  • Cave Creek Tributary Trail
  • Cave Creek Wash Trail
  • Central Arizona Project to Arizona Canal Trail
  • Consolidated Canal Path
  • Dreamy Draw Bikeway
  • Eastern Canal Path

All of these wonderful trails are located just a short distance from our offices located at 1447 West Elliot Road #103 in Gilbert! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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