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Chandler, found in Maricopa County and founded by a veterinarian surgeon during the early 1900s. The town started as a small settlement but soon grew into an even larger city with many great places to explore! Chandler Museum is one of these fun attractions you should make sure to visit when visiting Chandler AZ.

The Chandler Museum is a 10,000-square-foot building located just north of the historic 3,300 square foot McCullough Price House. The courtyard that links both buildings can be used for outdoor programming and provides shade to visitors as they experience this magnificent museum space.

Renovations to the historic house have resulted in formal state-of-the-art research and archive sites for the Museum while maintaining its status on the National Register of Historic Places. Together, this project establishes Chandler as an iconic cultural hub with easy access to both freeways, proximity to vast shopping and dining options, and room for growth among residents that are being developed into tourists.

The Chandler Museum is a place where people come together to share in history, family, and art. It's not just any museum though; it has everything you want from an arts destination all under one roof!

  • A Celebration of Art, Culture, and History
  • The best place to celebrate your family’s Day of Destiny
  • Experience the history that built this country by exploring a piece of it each


  • Beautiful and Comfortable Meeting Space - Escape to Chandler

What to Expect on Your Visit

When you reflect on the Chandler Museum, visitors will think of a place where history is not just displayed but it's alive; where visitors are welcomed into spaces with an interactive and engaging approach to learning about people.

Expect to be enlightened, entertained, uplifted, and inspired as they explore the beautiful museum which includes exhibit galleries, classrooms for lectures, and workshops offered by partner organizations in collaboration with the museum staff.   Here are the 6 things to keep an eye out for throughout your visit:

  • One-of-a-kind exhibits and constantly changing

The Chandler Museum has 5,000 square feet of exhibit space featuring the

national traveling "Awkward Family Photos" exhibition. They'll also have a gallery

with more than 200 hilarious family photo submissions as well as an area

visitors to create their photos at the museum's new photo booth!

  • A Slice of the Past

The Chandler Museum is built on the property of a 1938 McCullough-Price house listed on the National Register.

  • The first tour bus for Green Day

The Chandler Public Library's bookmobile was retired in the early 1990s and Frank Wright purchased it at auction to use as a tour van for his son's punk band, Green Day. The vehicle helped them get their start until stardom allowed for an upgrade! Now Katie Hildebrand owns this iconic piece of rock history.

  • The light show and one-of-a-kind art installation

The unique art display and light show is the latest addition to Arizona's vibrant downtown. With its 10,000 square feet of event space for community events outdoors on top of that, this building has something no other facility in town can offer patrons!

  • Every Saturday, there’s a family program

Family programs every Saturday! The second Saturday of each month will focus on the STEM program (science, technology, engineering & math), they'll have an overview on how these subjects play into sustainability.

  • Hall of Fame for Chandler Sports

As the first of its kind in Arizona, The Chandler Sports Hall of Fame will earn a place in history and honor outstanding athletes from Chandler annually.


The Chandler Museum is a place for everyone to explore their people's history, culture, and what it means to be alive in today’s rapidly changing world. The Museum strives to serve as an educational resource by empowering visitors of all ages with knowledge about themselves; others who have come before them; the natural environment that supports us all; and our collective responsibility for creating sustainable societies on local, national, global levels – placing special emphasis on understanding indigenous cultures.

Museum Hours

Visitors can find out all about the culture and people of Chandler by learning what kind of things are on display including their history.

For more information please visit chandlermuseumaz.org or call 480-782-2800 ext 106 for further inquiries regarding visiting hours or school tours.

Whether you are a history buff or just looking for something to do, The Chandler Museum is the place to go. With military artifacts that date back over 100 years and exhibits related to ostrich farming in Chandler, this museum has it all! If you are interested in visiting the museum but have never been before (or if you want more information), visit their website at www.chandlermuseumaz.org/. So why not head over today?

User:Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our offices located at 1447 West Elliot Road #103 in Gilbert! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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