The Cave Creek Wash Trail is an 18-mile trail that runs alongside the Cave Creek Wash in Phoenix. The goal of this project is to close a 2,000-foot gap in the trail between the east side of 19th Avenue and Greenway Road, as well as the south side of the Cave Creek Municipal Golf Course driveway. The new path's construction was supposed to start this year, but the project's timeline has changed. Minor design adjustments have been identified and are being handled in collaboration with other City agencies. The new path's construction is expected to begin in late February or early March 2014.

The Cave Creek Wash Trail in Phoenix is a paved multi-use trail that runs beside Cave Creek. The trail is divided into two halves, with the southern half being the longer. The Arizona Canal Path and the Cave Creek Tributary Trail are both accessible from this portion, which also passes through Cave Creek Park. Werner's Field Park is accessible via the shorter northern half.

Access to dwellings, shops, and other recreational possibilities is available in both parts.

The Rose Mofford Sports Complex, located at the trail's southern end, has parking (9833 N. 25th Avenue, Phoenix). Cave Creek Cholla Park (near 25th Avenue and Cholla), Cave Creek Cactus Park (between 25th Avenue and Cactus Road), and Cave Creek Thunderbird Park (near 25th Avenue and Cactus Road) all have parking (at 23rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road). Werner's Field Park is located on the park's northern edge (7th Avenue and Grovers Avenue).

This trail may not appeal to everyone, and that's fine.

The Cave Creek wash trail begins in Union Hills, between 7th and Central Avenues, and continues until it meets up with the AZ canal route between 32nd and Dunlap.

This ride will take you to a variety of sights. The road initially passes through a few neighborhoods, providing peeks into various people's yards, but as you get closer to 19th Avenue, it takes on a different shape, and you'll be riding by golf courses, parks, businesses, and even a theme park.

Every fall, wide open spaces are important, and Arizona's hiking trails will show you awe-inspiringly magnificent scenery in a wide range of styles! Hiking in Arizona's high country is equally as spectacular, providing hikers with views of red cliffs, puffy white clouds, and brilliant autumn trees. Because, regardless of where hikers choose to go, Arizona's trails show them the finest of what the state has to offer while providing lifelong experiences.

These amazing hiking trails are just a few of the must-see sights you don’t want to miss in Gilbert, Arizona:

  • Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch
  • Arizona Canal Path
  • Baseline Road to Eastern Canal Path
  • Paseo Trail
  • Cave Creek Tributary Trail
  • Central Arizona Project to Arizona Canal Trail
  • Consolidated Canal Path
  • Crosscut Canal Path
  • Dreamy Draw Bikeway
  • Eastern Canal Path

All of these wonderful trails are located just a short distance from our offices located at 1447 West Elliot Road #103 in Gilbert! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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