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Arizona Falls is a breathtaking waterfall in Phoenix, Arizona. It was formed when the man-made Arizona Canal crossed a natural 20-foot drop and then became used as an electric power station that provided electricity to Phoenix for the first time. Nowadays it's a popular destination as people, walkers, joggers or cyclists have made use of this recreation path next to the canal where they pass by one of its most stunning features: The falls! This modern park opened just recently with both old-fashioned charm and innovations making sure you can enjoy all walks of life here from romance, kayaking, biking through trails at your leisure; never leaving behind our state’s history!"

Hidden Gem: Arizona's gathering site for over a Century

Phoenix residents have been gathering at Arizona Falls to cool off for more than 100 years, yet many people drive right by the WaterWorks at the falls on Indian School Road near 56th Street without having any idea it's there.

Arizona Falls is a natural 20ft drop on the Arizona Canal between 56 and 58 street that became popular in the late 1800s with picnics and dances going down alongside cooling effects of water flowing over rocks or through pipes from canal overhead.  Experience all hours of enjoyment during this waterway experience:

  • A quick and refreshing stop on a hot day
  • Get out of the heat to enjoy a hidden gem in Phoenix
  • Go for a run and visit the waterfalls rather than your air conditioner
  • Relax in nature with friends or family

A Lovely Walk in Arizona

Arizona Falls has many outdoor activities like walking or jogging next to its paved path where you can enjoy some beautiful scenery while getting exercise at your leisure. This modern park provides old-fashioned charm along with innovations so here are plenty of opportunities for enjoyment during all hours of the day:

  • Explore and learn about Arizona's beautiful outdoors
  • Tour the unique wildlife within the park's natural habitat
  • Work on your fitness goals with scenic walks or jogs
  • Enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere that provides plenty of activities for all ages

A Power Station on the Arizona Canal

In 1905, the Arizona Canal was constructed to bring water from the Salt River down into Phoenix. At a natural 20-foot drop in elevation, it created an energy potential for generating electricity that would be used by Phoenix residents and businesses. The canal had originally been built as part of Theodore Roosevelt's ambitious project called the "Salt River Project," which also included building dams on both the upper and lower ends of what is now known as Grand Canyon National Park.

The Arizona Falls reopened in 2003. The restored WaterWorks hydroelectric plant provides enough electricity to power 150 homes, making it a prime spot for visitors while taking walks, runs or bike rides along the canal. Visitors can enjoy solar-powered fans as well as seating areas with cascading water on three sides; there's even an awesome dance floor!

The Calming Sound of Water

The Arizona Falls is a serene place with the crashing sound of water from time to time. It's not one of those big, bustling falls; it offers an escape into your thoughts and reflection. Sit back and let the calming sounds wash over you in complete peace before heading back out into life again:

  • Escape to your private place of peace
  • Listen to the relaxing sound of water without distractions
  • Come back refreshed and ready for anything that life throws at you

A Public Art Space

The hydroelectric plant is now a public art space that Boston artists Lajos Heder and Mags Harries were selected to design by the Phoenix Art Commission. Visitors can see antique gears used in the original power generator, all while they are getting cooled off from sitting on stone blocks under shade structures as waterfalls around them.

There's something for everyone in Arizona Falls. Whether you're looking to romance, kayak, bike through trails at your leisure; or just take a stroll--Arizona has it all! So next time you find yourself visiting the Valley of the Sun make sure to walk with me and enjoy all that this natural phenomenon has to offer.

User:Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With an astonishingly strong sense of community and rich heritage, Gilbert is the perfect place to visit. If you’re looking for somewhere new that can offer great food, live music, and exciting art happenings while still maintaining its small-town charm then this should be your next destination. Come join us in Gilbert Arizona!

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