Get Your Life Back with TRT

Are you worried about your testosterone falling off a cliff and feeling off?  Many males after extreme stress or over the age of 40 start to feel tired, weak, depressed and have completely lost their sex drive.  Sounds terrible right?  The stress of feeling this way makes all the symptoms spiral even further until guys are at their wits end and hopeless.  Many have no clue what’s going on and what’s worse is some guys will just accept this as a normal part of life and continue struggling for years on end.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Balanced Testosterone

Luckily, there are effective treatments that address low testosterone and get guys back on track.  When testosterone is optimized and at healthy levels, men feel like men.  We want to take on the world with relentless abandon.  Who doesn’t love feeling like the best version of themselves?  Boosting testosterone and balancing your hormones makes guys feel strong, powerful, on point, and ready to go.  This can easily be accomplished by working with a Naturopathic medical doctor who understand all the aspects of nutrition, supplements, diet, lifestyle, biohacking and bioidentical hormones.  This is a game changing approach that give you your life back.

I recently helped a former marine who was really struggling but didn’t connect the dots on why.  Of course, the VA healthcare system was of no use and he was really down and out looking for help anywhere.  First, we cleaned up the diet and removed any foods that hurt testosterone while adding in foods that re-juice the body.  We also added in a diet supplement regimen that addressed vitamin deficiencies and supporting new hormone production.  The last piece of the puzzle was a small and safe dose of testosterone replacement therapy.  We implemented this comprehensive approach and touched base in 10 weeks.  The next time I saw him, he felt like the mental cloud was gone and finally like his normal self again.  He was also able to lose a few pounds but more importantly his energy and sex drive were ramped up and he was ready to take charge again.

If you are struggling with unbalanced hormones and low testosterone, there is hope and help out there.  Naturopathic Physicians can get you fixed up right and get you back on track!  Most guys notice benefit within 10 weeks or less depending on the case.  If this sounds like the solution you’ve been searching for, give us a quick call at 480-648-1534 and we’ll set you up with a complementary consultation with one of our Naturopathic doctor hormone experts.  Life is too short to struggle when you can be kicking ass.

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