Does PRP Get Rid Of Wrinkles?


So long as the necessary nutrients are not in short supply, the body has an incredible capacity to repair itself. Special growth factors may also be used to speed up the healing process. Platelets in our blood will potentially aid in the regeneration of skin and other tissue. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is used in this way to help rejuvenate facial tissue. PRP treatment helps to regenerate newer, healthy skin tissue by using the patient's own blood. Since the client's own blood is used, there is no chance of cross-contamination. If you've grown tired of the fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead, as well as the brittleness of your facial skin, PRP therapy may be the solution you've been waiting for.

What is PRP Therapy? 

When blood platelets are exposed to oxygen, they form a mesh. In the event of a wound or scratch, this will stop the bleeding. However, the platelets' job isn't over yet. Platelets' proteins and other growth factors are the first nutrients used to make replacement tissue.

The body detects an infection as concentrated blood platelets are skillfully injected into specific parts of the skin. Despite the fact that no actual damage has occurred, an accelerated tissue repair procedure has begun. In the lower skin layers, old and weakened skin cells are discarded in favor of newer epidermis being formed. As a consequence, the skin will be cleaner and lines will be reduced. PRP therapy has the additional benefit of increasing collagen synthesis by a small amount during the skin-creation process.

A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient during PRP therapy. The platelets and plasma are segregated from the red cells by spinning the blood at a certain speed in a centrifuge. Following that, the platelets and plasma are primed for injection. This solution is then sprayed into areas of extreme wrinkling that have been pre-selected. 

How is PRP therapy combined with Microneedling? 

The processing of blood to make PRP is the first step in the micro needling process of PRP. First, 5-15mL of blood would be taken from a vein in the arm. The platelets are isolated from the blood sample in a centrifuge, resulting in a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) concentration. This part of the procedure usually takes about 15 minutes.

The patient's skin will be cleansed in preparation for the procedure as the centrifuge is distilling the PRP. To assist with pain during the process, a mild numbing agent may be added to the treating area. The doctor will use the micro needling method to softly glide over the region to be handled, forming small holes in the skin that are about.5 to 2mm deep. The micro needling device is a hand-held device with 12 to 80 sterile stainless needles that penetrate the tissue. The depth and number of needles on a platform are determined by the practitioner's choice of brand.

After the area has been adequately cleaned, the practitioner may use the existing PRP concentration. The skin will feel taut shortly after the exercise. The leftover bacteria from the operation can not be cleaned off so that the PRP will continue to penetrate the tissue. The color and feel of your skin will progressively improve over the next few weeks.

The aim of micro needling and PRP treatment is to target skin imperfections with micro-injuries that stimulate the release of growth factors and the wound healing process, resulting in the production of collagen and younger-looking skin.

Are you Interested in Learning More About Microneedling with PRP in Gilbert, Arizona?

Atlas Health Medical Group in Gilbert, Arizona specializes in providing Naturopathic / Functional Medicine and microneedling with PRP treatment protocols to the East Valley including Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, San Tan, and Queen Creek. The benefits of microneedling are quite impressive and occur fairly quickly after treatment. The skin will be somewhat inflamed or pink for around a week, however, it will appear more radiant from the initial skin response. After the swelling subsides, the body will produce more collagen in the affected area for up to six months after the treatment. This will lead to softer, firmer skin, and a reduction in wrinkles, a decrease in acne and acne scarring, a reduction in pore size, a reduction in hyperpigmentation and sun damage, and reduced size and appearance of scars and stretch marks. We pride ourselves on setting the standards of patient care and result-driven treatments so our patients return to health and live the life they intended.  Contact us today for your first appointment!

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