Does Insurance Cover Vitamin Infusions?


When companies pay claims, insurance companies lose money. Insurers sometimes reject IV vitamin therapy claims afterwards, leaving providers to pay treatment costs.

Top Reasons why providers don't accept health insurance

  1. Insurance companies do not want to pay for IV care. It can take up to 90 days to reject claims, so providers would have to shoulder those costs for a while. Moreover, the overhead and prices will increase the operating costs of dealing with insurance firms.
  2. It's not fun to file a claim, call the insurance company, and find out what's covered. Credit cards, HSA, debit cards, FSA, checks and cash are usually acceptable to providers. They even have gift cards so you can give the gift of wellness to a loved one.
  3. You do not know what the actual co-pay would be while dealing with your insurance agent. Providers will guarantee you that the price you see is the price you get because we don't deal with insurance firms.
  4. Working with insurance firms needs more paperwork, which takes time away from the care. Determining what is protected on a particular plan will take time for insurance providers, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  5. You know how much you're willing to pay if you don't have benefits. You can book as many times as you like and pay with whatever form is most convenient for you. There are no policy forms to complete or phone calls from insurers. Everything you get is IV therapy in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room from our professional, courteous staff.


Although the advantages of IV fluids on demand are yet to be confirmed, and the medical risks are small (but real), the financial costs are apparent. One company, for example, charges $199 to $399 for infusions. Fluids containing different vitamins and/or electrolytes, as well as other drugs, have a higher cost. Know that the fluids and other treatments provided can be accessed for a fraction of the price in other forms (drinking fluids, taking generic supplements, and other over-the-counter medications).

Are IV fluids helpful or necessary?

Some flu patients (particularly the very young and very old) need IV fluids, but they are usually very sick and should be admitted to a medical facility. Most people who have done a lot of exercise, have a hangover, jet lag, or the flu will drink enough fluids. Although I'm no beauty expert, IV fluids are unlikely to enhance the look of someone who is already well-nourished and hydrated.

It's also worth mentioning that the conditions under which IVs-on-demand are accessible are not dehydration-related or reversible through hydration. Jet lag, for example, is not caused by dehydration. And, while oral fluids (among other things) are widely prescribed for hangover symptoms, dehydration is not the only cause of hangover symptoms.

Finally, drinking fluids is a viable alternative to IV fluids. Drinking fluids is the only way to get them if you're able to. If you're unable to drink and need rehydration, you should seek medical attention.

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