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Undergoing a procedure to help relieve chronic pain can be daunting at first leaving patients with many questions and concerns.  One of the common questions many people inquire about is what the recovery process looks like and is there are any additional strategies to aid this process or speed up […]

Naturopathic Approach to Hypothyroidism

Thyroid disorders are one of the most common disorders affecting the endocrine system.1 The endocrine system represents a collection of various glands that are in control of the hormones in the body. There are two general types of thyroid disease: 1) hypothyroidism- under-active thyroid and 2) hyperthyroidism- overactive thyroid. This

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause many different symptoms. One of the most troublesome symptoms is weight gain or difficulty with losing weight.1 Issues with weight are usually a result from irregularities in blood sugar metabolism, insulin sensitivity and hormone imbalance.1 Not every woman with PCOS necessarily has an

Are you worried about your testosterone falling off a cliff and feeling off?  Many males after extreme stress or over the age of 40 start to feel tired, weak, depressed and have completely lost their sex drive.  Sounds terrible right?  The stress of feeling this way makes all the symptoms

Is sugar in your diet causing increased hot flashes, night sweats & weight gain? Sugar consumption in the United States is at an all-time high. In the early 1800s, most Americans consumed about 22.4 grams of sugar each day.3 In today’s society, the average person consumes about 70 grams of

Understanding Hot Flashes – a Naturopathic Doctor’s Perspective Menopause typically begins between the ages of 45-50 years old, most women experience symptoms around age 51.1 About 1.3 million women develop menopausal symptoms each year in the United States.1 A menopausal state is defined as a cessation of a menstrual cycle

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