Low testosterone

Are you worried about your testosterone falling off a cliff and feeling off?  Many males after extreme stress or over the age of 40 start to feel tired, weak, depressed and have completely lost their sex drive.  Sounds terrible right?  The stress of feeling this way makes all the symptoms […]

Naturopathic Treatments for Low Libido

Is it possible to increase your libido? The quick answer to whether it is possible to have improve and increase low libido is yes, if you seek to understand and treat the underlying cause(s) of the issue. While partners may not always have the same sex drive, if you’re noticing

Our body is constantly regulated by hormones. From the moment we’re born, our body starts to produce and secrete certain hormones that control how our systems function, how we react to emotional and physical responses, and how our bodies start to develop. Testosterone is a hormone that’s naturally produced and

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