Benedictine University Mesa is a Benedictine University campus located in Mesa, Arizona. Benedictines focus on providing an education that is "a world-class education for all." Benedictine's mission statement says it is their goal to "provide a Catholic college preparatory education under the Benedictine tradition of excellence and service." Benedictine offers undergraduate degrees in arts and sciences, business administration, nursing, computer science, and psychology. They also offer graduate programs in leadership studies, teacher certification, and accounting.

In this article, we will explore what Benedictine has to offer students looking for higher learning opportunities with a faith-based foundation!

History and Heritage Benedictine University

Benedictine University was founded in 1887 by Benedictine monks. The name Benedictine is derived from the work of Benedict who wrote about how to live a good life and establish an ideal society. Benedict founded his own monastery which became known for its high standards of education, scholarship, and service.

World-Class Education Benedictine University offers students the opportunity to earn their undergraduate degree completely online or on campus at one of three Arizona campuses (Mesa, Phoenix, or Tucson). Students can choose between more than 50 academic programs with options including certificates, associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, and master’s degrees. - Online Learning Advantage  Benedictine uses technology that makes it possible for students to interactively learn anytime anywhere through state-of-the-art web conferencing and collaboration tools. Benedictine offers a virtual library, digital textbooks, and 24/7 technical support to help students stay connected with their education even while off-campus. - Faculty members are caring teachers who work closely with each student to ensure success in the classroom and beyond. The Benedictine faculty is made up of professional educators from around the world who share an interest in helping others learn more effectively through technology-enhanced learning environments

Education Philosophy Benedict focuses on creating individuals capable of making significant contributions within society by developing leadership skills rooted in Christian values such as compassion, respect for diversity, integrity, and social justice. Benedict’s mission statement says it all: “Our goal is simple—to provide our students an excellent education. Benedictine University's academic excellence has been recognized by many national and international accrediting agencies, thus creating a strong foundation for our students to become successful in their chosen fields of study.”

University Admissions Requirements

Benedictine University Mesa, Arizona is a university with high academic standards and has rigorous requirements for acceptance to the school. Applicants need to meet both the minimum general education requirements as well as specific major areas of study prerequisites in order to be considered for admittance into Benedictine College.

  • Minimum General Education Requirements: Benedictine University imposes very stringent criteria on its applicants - students must demonstrate strong grades across all areas of their educational records.
  • Standardized Test Requirements Benedictine College requires applicants to provide the following:

-2.5/4.0 GPA

-Top 50% rank in their graduating class,

-Letter of recommendation from a high school guidance counselor is recommended and occasionally required.

-The ACT/SAT is not required but you can submit your score to be used in consideration for admission or scholarship purposes,

-Extracurricular involvement at school, work, or within the community.

  • Personal Essay: The applicant must submit a personal essay that gives pertinent information about their backgrounds such as experiences in life, activities outside of academics (arts/sports), community service interests, and goals they hope Benedictine will help them accomplish. Benedictine University is interested in students who demonstrate a commitment to service and leadership experience in their communities outside of the classroom.
  • Transfer Applicants: Other Benedictine University Arizona applicants may be required to complete an additional application for transfer admission depending on whether they have been enrolled at another institution after high school graduation/completion or not. In addition, transfers will need to submit transcripts from all colleges previously attended regardless if credit was earned or not as well as official final High School Transcripts upon completion of secondary education requirements with Benedictine College Admissions Office.

To know more about the Benedictine University admission process, please visit their website.

Scholarships for Freshman Students

  • Benedictine University Mesa offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to students with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, leadership potential, community involvement, and extracurricular activities or work experience; they do not require any special application--they are automatically available for eligible students who meet criteria such as GPA (grade point average), ACT scores (American College Testing) or class rank (if applicable).
  • Scholarships include School & Departmental scholarships. Benedictine University Foundation has provided more than $45 million in support for our undergraduate students since its inception in 2001. The Benedictine Scholarship Fund was established by generous donors who understand that education is a lifelong pursuit and believe Benedictine University is an important catalyst in the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of future leaders. Benedictine alumni play a vital role in our efforts to support students because they recognize how Benedictine has positively influenced their lives through higher education.

To know more about its scholarships programs, please visit their website.

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